1. What is ASUCI?

The Associated Students of the University of California Irvine (ASUCI) is the undergraduate student government. ASUCI is a completely student run & student elected government which advocates on behalf of, and creates programs for, UCI students.

2. Who makes up ASUCI?

ASUCI is a tripartite system of government that consists of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches. Please see the Organizational Chart for more specific information.

  • Executive Branch:
    • President: Campus issues, transparency from administration, the Art Lab,  and any issues concerning student welfare.
    • External Vice President: Elections, Legislative Council, Campus Action Team,  External Affairs, and issues affecting higher education.
    • Academic Affairs Vice President: Anteater Mentorship program, Academic Senate, UTeach and Professor Luncheons
    • Internal Vice President: Parking, Dining, & Housing. He also sits on many of the campus advisory boards such as the Student Center, ARC, Bren Events, USHIP, and Anteater Express.
    • Student Services Vice President: Concerts, Homecoming, movie nights, school spirit, athletic events and much more!
  • Legislative Branch:
  • Judicial Branch:

3. How do I become involved in ASUCI?

ASUCI is filled with several positions and opportunities to get involved. Applications are available at the beginning of every quarter on the ASUCI website – www.asuci.uci.edu – and any student is welcome to stop by the ASUCI Offices for more information and talk directly with any of your executive officers.

Positions in ASUCI:

  • Shuttle Drivers
  • Receptionist
  • Interns
  • Commissioner Positions
  • Chief of Staff
  • Executive Members (Elected position voted on during Spring Quarter Elections)
  • Legislative Council (Elected positions voted on during Fall and Spring quarters)
  • Judicial Board Members (Appointed on a rolling basis as positions become available)
  • Student Advocate General (Appointed annually, in the Spring quarter)

4. What services does ASUCI provide?

Discount Tickets:


Ever since 1987 ASUCI Shuttles has provided transportation around campus.

For schedules and maps visit: http://www.shuttle.uci.edu

Vendor Fair:

Find everything from the latest fashions to a bag of delicious kettle corn on Ring Road. Visit http://www.asuci.uci.edu/vendorfair/ for a list of vendors and the date of the next fair.

5. Who is allowed to attend ASUCI hosted events?

ASUCI sponsored events are open to all full time UCI students with a valid UCI ID.

6. Does ASUCI offer courses and how do I enroll in them?

All Courses offered by ASUCI are student taught classes that are taken for units. To sign up for any ASUCI class, please email presidentcos@asuci.uci.edu.

Courses offered by ASUCI include:

Visions Course:

  • Leadership class taught by student government.
  • Provides students with the leadership and communication skills necessary to succeed on campus.
  • Covers topics such as leadership, networking, time management, public speaking and more!
  • Offered in the Winter and Spring quarters.

Campus Action Team:

  • Educates students on how they can become more politically active
  • Teaches them fundamental lobbying and advocacy skills
  • Participants take a free trip to Sacramento, meet state legislators and advocate for student issues.
  • Offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters

7. What types of Events does ASUCI host?

ASUCI puts on several campus wide events throughout the year that are open to all UCI students. Some Example events that are hosted annually by ASUCI include:

Welcome Week:

A week of free fun filled activities to welcome new students and returning students back to campus. Includes a club fair in Aldrich Park, free concerts and movie screenings, ASUCI open house, campus tours and lots of other social activities.


An October festival with live band performances, student booths and the debut of the UCI basketball teams.


Concert in June in Aldrich Park with free food, live performances and various goodies.


Movie Nights:

Free movie showings every week. Includes sneak previews, recently released films and the occasional classics.

Examples include: 300, Da Vinci Code, Iron Man, Bridesmaids, and more!

8. Where is ASUCI located?

ASUCI is located next to the Student Center terrace stage, across from the ATM’s.

9. Where does my money go to?


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