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Tianna Nand

Academic Affairs Vice President

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Tianna Nand, Academic Affairs Vice President

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Year: Senior

MajorPsychology Social Behavior, Social Ecology


The Office of Academic Affairs seeks to provide unique and innovative opportunities for students to foster learning beyond the classroom- through mentorship and leadership programs, enriching and intellectual events, and providing a space for student representation in administrative settings. As Vice President, I aim to ensure that student voices are represented regarding educational quality and policies to directors and academic deans. Importance will be placed on effectively adapting to student attitudes, opinions and grievances; as they change from year to year, so must the office to reflect the student body.

Working towards a collective consciousness is the focus for my office. I intend to bring it back to what the constitution and ASUCI By-Laws outline as our purpose and ensure that every commission works towards this with what they do. I plan to adjust commissions to carry out the goals of the office.


Jennifer Ledesma, Chief of Staff

ASUCI Email:

Year: Senior

MajorPolitical Science, Criminology, Law and Society & Spanish

About: My goal for this year is for the office to increase the quality of the services it provides for the Student Body. I would love for the office to be recognized as a place that truly makes an impact on the experience that students have at UCI.

Leila Danishgar, Chief of Staff

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Year: Junior

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

About: My goal for the office is to not only bring about positive change, but to have full transparency in doing so. This will include executing special academic projects, withholding to the fundamental responsibilities of the office, and to do it all by collaborating with the office, the rest of ASUCI, and most importantly, the entire student body.

Michelle Ly, Chief of Staff

ASUCI Email: 

Year: Senior

MajorPolitical Science, Minor in Management

About: My goal for the office is to foster team spirit and an environment where all members of our office can grow both professionally and personally. We all love UC Irvine so I hope we as an entire ASUCI can do our best to improve the school environment for all students to thrive.

Aldo Laureano, Chief of Staff

ASUCI Email: 

Year: Senior


AboutMy goal for this year for the Office of Academic Affairs is to ensure that our office can reach its maximum potential and deliver to our student body at UCI, all while promoting unity and an atmosphere of enjoyment.

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Jennifer Ledesma
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Leila Danishgar
Leila DanishgarChief of Staff
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