Academic Engagement Commission

Jacob Aquino
Jacob AquinoAcademic Engagement Co-Commissioner
Year: Senior
Major: Business Economics
Goal: To create a memorable UCI experience for my fellow students as well as myself through Academic Engagement for my senior year
Kyle Mamiit
Kyle MamiitAcademic Engagement Co-Commissioner
Year: Junior
Major: Software Engineering
Goal: To further develop my leadership abilities!

Academic Engagement Interns

Jennifer Van
Jennifer VanAcademic Engagement Intern
Goal for the year: To reduce my sneezing down from 3 sneezes at a time to 2 sneezes at a time. HAHA jk. To have an impact on someone’s life whether it’s through directly impact or behind the scenes.
Diana Ho
Diana HoAcademic Engagement Intern
Goal: To make an impact in my involvements and the people I meet. To lessen my sugar indulgence and naps per week and to try new things!
Ilene Lutap
Ilene LutapAcademic Engagement Intern
Goal: To make new friendships and to challenge myself in something new 🙂
Jackie Vazquez
Jackie VazquezAcademic Engagement Intern
Goal: My goals this year are to raise my GPA, get involved with my peers and professors by attending as many activities/events that I can, and to just simply enjoy every second of my third year.
Amir Khazand
Amir KhazandAcademic Engagement Intern
Goal: To help students in becoming engaged with the UCI academic community!
Tiffany Diep
Tiffany DiepAcademic Engagement Intern
Goal: To become more involved on campus
Samadhi Kandekumbura
Samadhi KandekumburaAcademic Engagement Intern
Goal for the year: Have great turnouts to our engagement events!
Kairong Lin
Kairong LinAcademic Engagement Intern