Academic Senate Commission

Angeline Phan
Angeline PhanAcademic Senate Co-Commissioner
Angeline Phan is a second year Biological Sciences major with plans to pursue a Genetics major in her junior year. As commissioner of the Academic Senate she is committed to have the commission’s name be known by the student body by means of effective communication and increased transparency. Her personal goal for the year is to be emotionally stronger as an individual and to pet as many shiba inus as she can.
Danny Eun
Danny EunAcademic Senate Co-Commissioner
Danny Eun is a third year in Nursing Science Major. As a commissioner of Academic Senate, he is determined to promote student representation at UCI. He is also looking to build friendly and inclusive community within ASUCI, so don’t feel hesitant to reach out to him. He loves swimming and taking vital signs on friends. And his personal goal this year is to successfully manage his time to excel in all his involvements on campus.

Academic Senate Commission Interns

Emily Tran
Emily TranAcademic Senate Intern
Emily Tran, 3rd year, Criminology and Political Science Major
My goal is to become more involved in my university and grow exponentially this year.
Jonathan Phenix
Jonathan PhenixAcademic Senate Intern
Hey! I’m Jonathan Phenix. I’m a Poli Sci and International Studies double major with a minor in Art History! I am a sophomore from Sacramento, California. My goal for the year is to learn a new language!
David Cazares
David CazaresAcademic Senate Intern
David Cazares is a first year student at UC Irvine majoring in Urban Studies. He will be serving as an ASUCI Academic Senator for the 2016-17 school year. His goal is to make an everlasting difference within UCI through both the student body and academics.
Jessica Santiago
Jessica SantiagoAcademic Senate Intern
Hi! My name is Jessica Michelle Santiago, I am currently a second year majoring in Political Science, Spanish, and Criminology. I am a first generation study with the set goal of attending law school and study to be an Immigration and Corporate Law attorney. My goal for ASUCI is to be as involved as possible to truly capture all concerns and questions related to academics and be an appropriate medium between the student body and the academic offices.
Stephen Mamiit
Stephen MamiitAcademic Senate Intern
Hi! My name is Stephen Mamiit and I am majoring in Psychology and Social Behavior. This is my first semester at UCI as I had transferred in during the fall quarter. His goal for ASUCI is to help improve student life and make these years memorable.
Valeria Herrera
Valeria HerreraAcademic Senate Intern
I am a 2nd year Criminology major and want to pursue a double major in Economics. My goal for the school year is to obtain a higher GPA and try out new things. As an ASUCI Academic Senate intern, I want to be able to improve communication with the student body and serve as a resource if help is needed.
Laura Anderson
Laura AndersonAcademic Senate Intern
Hi all!
My name is Laura and I’m one of your Academic Senators this year at UCI! I’m a fourth year pre-law Political Science / Criminology double major and a first year ASUCI intern. In addition to ASUCI, I’m involved in Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity, the Olive Tree Initiative and I work as a CSO for the Police Department. I love music, thriller movies and anything politics, but I spend most of my time pretending to study at random places around campus. I’m excited to spend my last year working to make UCI a better place for students!
Mohini Patel
Mohini PatelAcademic Senate Intern
Hi! My name is Mohini Patel and I am a third year transfer student. I am currently a Psychology and Social behavior major. At my time here at UCI, I want to learn new things and be involved as much as possible. My goal for ASUCI is to learn what my capabilities are as a person and help the student body get access to any resources they may need and make life easier for students here at UCI.
Stephanie Barrera
Stephanie BarreraAcademic Senate Intern
Hello! I’m Stephanie Barrera, a first-generation transfer student majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. My goals for the school year are to ace all my courses and to build on my confidence. My goal for ASUCI is to improve and strengthen its communication with the student body, and to help students seize every opportunity available to them.
Roxana Akbari
Roxana AkbariAcademic Senate Intern
Hello! My name is Roxana Akbari and I’m a second year Political Science student. My goal for the school year is to exceed my comfort zone and learn something new everyday. Some of my passions include public speaking, puppies, human rights, and Asian food. It is my pleasure to be an Academic Senator this year and to have the awesome opportunity to provide a voice for the UC Irvine student body.