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Antleader Mentorship Program

Majors, careers, resumes, and classes … All things that seem daunting at first. We know, we have been there. We know how hard it is to make such a drastic adjustment. Antleader Mentorship Program seeks to ease the transition for incoming freshmen and transfer students while developing and enhancing leadership skills. Under ASUCI and SOAR (Student Outreach And Retention), AMP provides a foundational network, consisting of current students who are deeply involved in different facets of the campus. With our guidance, students are encouraged to strive for academic success as well as campus and community involvement. Through workshops, socials, and one-on-one mentorship, AMP provides opportunities for college success. Applications are linked above.


  • Create a network on campus
  • Gain exposure to professionals in Advertising, Health Care, Law, Business, etc.
  • Build self-confidence, leadership and communication skills
  • Practice your interview skills, draft a resume, and learn how to become involved both on and off campus
  • 1-on-1 peer mentorship with students of similar major and interest
  • Provides an outlet for creativity and promotes school spirit
  • Socials can serve as an alternative study break
  • Learn about available on-campus resources
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills
  • Receive 2 units each quarter for enrolling in the class
  • Gain access to a unique “1st Year Success” manual written by your very own mentors

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What are the time commitments for this program?

2-4 hours per week.

What kinds of socials are there?

Reggaefest, Shocktoberfest, Ice Skating, Mini Golfing, Arc Ropes Course, Boomers, Bonfires, Ice Cream Nights, etc.

How do mentor/mentee pairings work? Will I get a new mentor every quarter?

We try to pair up mentors and mentees that will work best with each other to the best of our ability. Mentors and mentees are typically paired in a 1:1 ratio, and no more than a 1:2 ratio. In order to establish a stable relationship, each mentee will be paired with their mentor for the duration of the entire school year. However, mentees are also encouraged to make connections with the other mentors in the program.

Who is eligible to apply?

AMP is more geared towards low income, first-generation college students. However, anyone is welcome to apply as long as they are either a first year or transfer student.

What will the 2-unit class consist of?

The class will consist of two main components: acclimating to life at UCI, and building leadership skills. The Fall syllabus will be tailored towards learning about the different resources on campus, how to become involved in the multitude of clubs/orgs, etc. In Winter, various leadership topics will be covered (i.e. Communicating styles, stress and time management, how to stay healthy and healthy minded, etc).

Is this a year-long commitment?

Yes, after applications have finished in the fall, the class will continue on through Spring Quarter.

How will I be paired up with mentors?

Mentors and mentees will be paired based on major, personality, interests, and a variety of other things.

Will we be able to have a preference on gender or major?

You can request to be paired with a certain major or gender, however, final pairings will be based on overall compatibility.

Is the 2-unit class required?

Mentees are required to enroll in the class, however, if scheduling conflicts arise then an alternative option will be provided.

Are socials mandatory?

Socials are part of your grade. Therefore we encourage everyone to attend all socials so that you may not only earn points but also have the opportunity to meet all the other mentors. Unless a good reason is given we expect a good amount of participation. If you are unable to attend a social you must inform us a few days in advance in which case we may allow a make-up assignment.

How is a typical day in a class?

A typical day can vary from many different things. Class activities may range from getting to know one another through fun icebreakers to class lectures learning about leadership, cultural awareness, etc.

If I want to become a future mentor, where can I apply for this position?

Applications for mentors come out Winter Quarter and decisions are made by then.

Antleader Mentorship Program

Chelsea Sangalang
Chelsea SangalangCommissioner

Year: Fourth

Major: Social Ecology and Education Sciences

Goal:  My goal for this year being one of AMP’s Co-commissioner is to foster a mentorship program for transfers and freshman that helps with the transition from high school to college.

Interesting Fact: I don’t know the difference between my left and right hand.

Other Involvements: ASUCI Festivals Intern, AMP Mentor, Orientation 2014 Staffer Midnight Year, Active Member of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, UCI Medical Center Child Life Volunteer, Karate For All Occupational Therapy Volunteer, Concierge Student Government and Student Media Office

Derek de Los Angeles
Derek de Los AngelesCommissioner

Year: Third

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Goal:  I really want to transform the Antleader Mentorship Program into a highly recognizable mentorship program on campus. My goal to improve the competitiveness of the program and impact the college career of many first years and transfer students, fostering the leadership potential in all of them. I want the mentees to be proud of being in the program in hopes of one day influencing another student inside or outside the program. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Interesting Fact: I love long walks underneath the Disneyland fireworks 😉

Other Involvements: ASUCI Office of Student Services’ Business Marketing Intern, Kababayan, Office of the Vice Chancellor Student Affairs’ Graphics and Communications Assistant, Studied Abroad at Cambridge University through the Pembroke King’s Programme

Carol Jung
Carol JungAssistant Commissioner

Year: Third

Major: Cognitive Neuroscience

Goal: One of the two goals I would like to see accomplished this year would be for AMP to expand on campus among the students. The second thing I would love to see is for the relationship in academic affairs (between the sub-committees) to be strong and united.

Interesting Fact: I’m Korean, but I hate spicy food. So no kimchi for me! ^____^

Other Involvements: Intern at Joshua Medical Group, Jr.High teacher at Thanksgiving church.


Brandon Ramirez
Brandon RamirezAssistant Commissioner

Year: Third

Major: Psychology and Social Behavior

Goal: My goal for this year is to be a excellent communicator and hardworking individual. I want to be able to be a liaison between ASUCI and AMP, a resource of information for our students and to friends as well.

Interesting Fact: If you look at my social media name it is IMBrandonKai. I chose kai because it is my rave name. I chose it for the meaning. It means ocean in hawaiian and I resemble it most because I am something of comfort but when messed with I can cause a storm and you don’t want to be present when it happens.

Other Involvements: REACH Cohort