Visions Leadership

Anna Xu
Anna XuVisions Leadership Co-Commissioner
Sydney Tieu
Sydney TieuVisions Leadership Co-Commissioner

Visions Leadership Interns

Rafael Protacio
Rafael ProtacioVisions Leadership Intern
During Visions, I hope to be able to network to a larger audience of people, grow as a public speaker and leader, and be able to connect and make lasting friendships with my mentees, fellow mentors, and members of ASUCI. I want to be able to make my mentee feel comfortable and confident in their presentation and leadership skills as well as be able to connect with them on a deeper level. Trust and comfortability are key in making a successful relationship, so I hope to be more than just a mentor to them. Currently, I am involved in Kababayan, the Filipino club on campus, and a member of MCIA, an exhibition dance team on campus. I like to try to dance, and hope I can improve!
Madison Izumi
Madison IzumiVisions Leadership Intern
Throughout my time here in Visions, I aspire to gain the knowledge and skill set that is required of me to become a better leader, meet and build genuine friendships with those I come in contact with, form a solid network with the different members within ASUCI, and, ultimately, leave this program as a stronger individual. Not only do I hope to introduce basic leadership skills (i.e. public speaking, networking, planning, problem solving, etc.) to my mentee(s) and help him/her master them, but I hope to get to know them on a more personal level and form friendships with them outside of the program. Hopefully by the time they finish Visions, they will aim to be mentors for the next year’s program and help future mentees like I did. As of right now, I am an active blood and platelet donor at the UCI Blood Bank. I enjoy swimming, shopping, and long walks on the beach.
Lilian Trang
Lilian TrangVisions Leadership Intern
Being in Visions as a first year, I have grown so much as an individual. I want my mentees to have as great of an experience as I had through the connections I’ve made. Although it’s only one quarter long, I want them to gain as much as possible. I hope that being a mentor I am not only guiding, but learning myself as well. I hope my mentees and I will have a long lasting relationship after Visions, and that they become more confident individuals. I play volleyball, travel, try new foods, go to the gym, and hang out with friends on my free time. I am open to doing new things, and this summer I went cliff diving (probably won’t again because I saw my life flash before my eyes). I love to meet new people and utilize my time wisely. I have a dog, and three sisters, one who also attends Irvine. I live in the 626 area, land of all the great Asian foods, so if anyone wants to do a boba run, let me know (;
Lauren Paik
Lauren PaikVisions Leadership Intern
I’m from New York, home of the Big Apple! I have an unhealthy obsession of puppies (specifically corgis) and boba (7Leaves & Cha)! During my free time, I like to play volleyball, eat food, go to the beach, Netflix, and play music (Kehlani, Chance, Blackbear, ToryLanez). I’m a part of various things on campus such as a sorority, intramural volleyball, Student Life & Leadership, CA, Jamba Juice, and obviously ASUCI! So if you have any questions about those organizations I would love to help! I hope that in Visions you will be able to network and further develop your leadership skills like public speaking, ability to work as a team, problem solving skills, multitasking, etc. Every person has the abilities to be a leader and I believe Visions is just a stepping stone to help you polish those skills.
Corey Nguyen
Corey NguyenVisions Leadership Intern
Born in west Philadelphia so of course Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of my all time favorite shows. However, I was raised in Sacramento for most of my life. Growing up, I have played on competitive sports for over 10 years on basketball, soccer and track and field teams. I am a pretty active person as I try to spend as little time indoors as possible (I even converted an outdoor patio in the UTC apartments to be my bedroom). I’m always down for an adventure so just hit me up and we can explore SoCal together. My goal for Visions is to grow as a person through increasing my leadership skills, problem solving capabilities, and to create a lasting impact on campus. Somethings I would like my Mentees to take out from the program is a lasting relationship that will last longer than just one quarter. I would like to create a positive environment where my Mentee and I are able to bounce ideas off of each other and push each other to greater heights.
Camillo Obispo
Camillo ObispoVisions Leadership Intern
Born in the Philippines, and officially residing in Redlands, also known as Deadlands, which is why I moved to Irvine. I like trying new things, food, activities, games, you name it! I’m a chocoholic and ice cream addict. I love spending time with friends as well as buying gifts and treating people whenever I get my paycheck. I have a part time job – to feed my need to spoil people as well as my basic needs. My goal for Visions is to encourage and instill confidence in myself as well as my mentees! There were so many things I wish I knew as a freshman and even as a sophomore so I want to pass down wisdom and advice for people. I hope to become assured in myself as a growing adult and learn major skills to carry in my professional life. More importantly, I want to help my mentees see themselves as capable individuals who can surpass their inner insecurities just as I had when I was part of Visions last year.
Kimi Tanaka
Kimi TanakaVisions Leadership Intern
From what I’ve experienced being in Visions as a mentee, I joined Visions as a mentor in hopes to teach my mentees what I’ve learned from the program. I hope to show them that college is a whole new experience in which you can actually make a change and take action if you really wanted to. Through the advocacy project, I realized that being in ASUCI enables you to get involved on campus while working and getting to know new groups of amazing people. I only hope that my mentees will be able to take what I learned from this program and more as I learn more about them and build our relationship. Personally, I hope that I can continue to make new connections and friendships through Visions as I build my confidence and leadership skills. I really hope that I can make an impact on my mentees and help them as they work on their advocacy project. In my free time, I Netflix, hang out with my friends, go shopping, and love love love going to the beach or anything adventurous! My hobbies include eating, sleeping in, and going to the gym. I love eating and trying new places to eat, so if you’re ever looking for a friend to join you for a food (or boba) run, I’m your girl!
Madeline Olivas
Madeline OlivasVisions Leadership Intern
As a mentee of Visions I have learned so much more about myself and the UCI campus. Through the opportunities the program has offered, along with the mentors and commissioners of Visions, I felt like I was able to become more comfortable with dealing with leadership skills in a professional setting. Also, the program has encouraged me to become more involved within the UCI campus and to become aware of the many organizations UCI has to offer. Coming into the program, not knowing much about UCI and still being shy about joining different organizations, Visions has allowed me to grow in those two aspects. I would like my mentees to gain a similar experience from the program as I did. That being, becoming more aware of ways to get involved at UCI, along with practicing professionalism and gaining more leadership skills. I also would like them to understand that through the advocacy project they have the ability to make a change. My goals for Visions includes creating an amazing bond with my mentees, becoming more involved with ASUCI, and creating many new friendships and memories! I hope to make an impact on my mentees lives, as my mentor did for me. I enjoy trying new things and going on adventures! In my free time I love the simple things in life including taking trips to the beach, going hiking, and watching the sunset (as you can see in my picture, lol!). I also enjoy going shopping and watching action movies, my favorite being the Fast and Furious series!
Peter Trejo
Peter TrejoVisions Leadership Intern
Visions Leadership was the highlight of my winter quarter my freshman year, and I want as many students as possible, no matter what year they are, to participate in this memorable and worthwhile program. My goals for the Visions program are to assist and encourage Visions mentees in successfully implementing change on campus no matter how large or small their “visions” may seem to be. I would love for my future mentees to take with them a lot of learned professional skills, leadership skills, strong friendships, and memories that they will carry/apply with them for the rest of their lives. In my free time, I enjoy working and progressing on my 2nd 1957 Bel-Air (convertible) with my father whenever I am back home, being with family and friends,spending time with my 2 pet dogs King and Mona, night/morning hiking, and playing/watching football, basketball, baseball, and hockey whenever I get the chance to. I am one of the biggest Kingdom Hearts fans out there so we could possibly talk for days about it! Music is a large part of my life; however, my mother’s cooking is life. Thank you.
Sani Ghahremanians
Sani GhahremaniansVisions Leadership Intern
I am a native Angelino (from the great city of Los Angeles). I am an avid Netflix binger: The Office, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, Gilmore Girls … the list goes on. I love going for walks outdoors whether it’s hiking or just exploring new neighborhoods. I am a coffee enthusiast and absolutely love trying new coffee shops. I have always been actively involved in student government since elementary school, so I am beyond excited to get to continue that at UCI by serving as a Visions intern. During my time in Visions I learned about so many of the various resources on campus while also learning about professionalism. Beyond this, I met such an amazing group of people. I hope that my mentees get as much out of the class that I did. My goal for visions is to create a welcoming, comfortable learning environment. More than anything I hope that Visions helps future Visionaries find their place at UCI!