The Visions Leadership Course

                  Visions Leadership is a training program for undergraduate students, developed and maintained by the Associated Students of the University of California, Irvine. Offered in the winter and spring quarter, it strives to inform students of various organizations on campus, followed by training in ways of leadership, organization, public speaking, networking, and other tools to succeed and excel in the student’s endeavor or organization of choice.

Visions Leadership incorporates an experienced and knowledgeable staff that can give students an educated insight of what to expect from the university’s various organizations, supplemented by guest speakers from these assortments of associations.

Ultimately, this program aims to enrich the student’s college experience by improving the students overall abilities and by getting them more involved in the University of California, Irvine. Contact the directors to see how you can be a part of Visions!












 Meet our Visions Leadership Mentors for 2014-2015!

Visions Leadership Course

Allan Do
Allan DoCommissioner

Year: Fourth

Major: Business Information Management

Goal: To be able to encourage people to do their best, as well as myself.

Interesting Fact: I love chicken wings.

Other Involvements: Besides ASUCI, I’m in the Accounting Association as a general member. Outside of school, I intend to volunteer with VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) during the next tax season again and I’m currently an intern at Hobert Wealth Management.


Cecilia Dang
Cecilia DangCommissioner

Year: Fourth

Major: Psychology & Social Behavior and Education Sciences

Goal: Setting up a successful shadowing program this year for Visions students!

Interesting Fact: I love to play dodgeball!

Other Involvements: Alpha Chi Omega, Global Connect, Student Ambassadors

Joshua Yang
Joshua YangAssistant Commissioner

Year: Second

Major: Physics

Goal: Turn Visions into the premiere leadership course on campus, if someone thinks, “Hey I should become a better leader.” I want them to immediately think of Visions. Grow new leaders who can run the various clubs, frats, organizations, and services on campus. Help people develop the skills to influence people and lead them towards success. Develop a support system that walks them through their first couple of months as a leader, and allows them to put the theory they learned in the classroom into practice in the real world. 

Interesting Fact: Young coconut milk can be used as a substitute for blood plasma in an emergency.

Other Involvements: Fencing, Quidditch, Venturing Crew 546

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Name: Katrina Yip

Year: Second

Major: Psychology and Social Behavior

Goal: I really want to exercise my time management skills this year. I am determined to give 100% of effort and dedication to everything I signed up for, whether it’s my classes or my two intern positions. I want to make a home out of UC Irvine and grow to have pride and passion for my school and everything I’m involved in. I want to make new friends, maintain friendships, and help others as we embark on our college journey together! I am also hoping to exercise, develop some cooking skills, and eat (somewhat) healthy!!!

Interesting Fact: I love taking pictures! I have over 30,000 pictures uploaded on my Facebook 😀

Other Involvements: International Center – Programs Intern (ECP), Administrative Intern Program



Name: Emily Dang

Year: Second

Majors: Undecided/Undeclared

Goal: My goal for this year in Visions involves guiding students through their transition into college. I am looking forward to becoming a mentor and helping them gain knowledge and access to all the campus resources UCI has to offer. Not only do I want to encourage leadership traits among the students, but I also want to inspire confidence and spirit as important characteristics to hold strong throughout our academic career here at UCI.

Interesting Fact: When I was little, I thought I was a secret Moon Princess, because I thought the moon followed me where ever I went. (low key still do) P.S I’m a Fire Bender.

Other Involvements: 2014/2015 Mentor in U/U Mentorship Program, UCI Circle K International: Public Relations Appointed Board Member, Vietnamese Student Association: General Member



Name: Vivian Zhong

Year: Second

Majors: Business Economics

Goals: I want to explore American life style more in this year. I’m an international students from China. This year, I hope I can find and understand more differences between American and Chinese culture.

Interesting Fact: I love singing and dancing.

Involvements: Currently in University Choirs group called BATS., an I-STEPS leader for Fall 2014. It’s for I-STEPS class provided by International Center, an At-Large Member of the 2014-2015 Student Center Board of Advisors.

Name: Marissa Porraz

Year: Second

Major: Undecided/Undeclared

Goal: My goal for this year is to become more involved on campus and step out of my comfort zone a lot more. I feel like Visions Leadership will be a good opportunity for me to try new things.

Interesting Fact: A lot of people think that I am Indian, but I am actually Mexican.

Other Involvements: My involvements this year are number one, my classes, my internship for Visions, possibly one or two other clubs I might get involved in, and lastly a part-time job. I will have to really manage my time this year.


Name: Tej Vuligonda

Year: Second

Major: Computer Science & Engineering

Goal:I want to be a strong leader and someone that my mentees look to as a resource and a source of inspiration. I also want to get more involved on my campus and learn something new every day.

Interesting Fact: I once held the record for youngest person on Earth.

Other Involvements: Last year, I was part of the Executive Vice President office as a Legislative Aide. This year, I hope to continue my involvement with the EVP and I am also a part of the Office of Administrative Affairs as an ARC Board Member. I also hope to become a part of KUCI, our campus radio station, be more involved in the school of Engineering and become a part of club sports.


Name: Dennis Malabanan

Year: Second

Major: Business Economics

Goals: My goal for this year is to be the best I can be and to take more challenges; more risk, less regrets.

Interesting fact: I love French Fries

Other Involvements: Kababayan, League of Legends, PASS, etc.



Name: Theone Ly

Year: Second

Major: Biological Sciences

Goals: By the end of my second year, I would like to be more active and participate in more campus activities (maybe two organizations) while keeping my grades up at the same time. I want to meet more people, make more friends, and also live my college life to the fullest <3. And, I plan to save up enough for study abroad in the summer!

Interesting Fact: I don’t think that my parents know my English name.

Other Involvements: Freshman Summer Start Program Intern, Vision Mentor, Two jobs – tutor and babysitter, Planning to rush for a sorority

Name: Kevin Liang

Year: Third

Major: Economics

Goal: For this year I want to continue to grow and develop as a person as well as potentially finding what exactly I am passionate about. I would also like to inspire and help others grow to cherish the time they have here at UCI.

Interesting Fact: I ran the LA marathon in the rain

Other Involvements: Sigma Chi, The Hill, Orientation Staffer (Midnight Year)



Name: Tianna Nand

Year: Second

Major: Psychology & Social Behavior

Goal: I hope to make a lot more friends this year!

Interesting Fact: I’m from Canada!

Other Involvements: I’m the international ambassador for UCI. I work at the telephone Outreach Program.  I am the field study intern for the School of Social Ecology this year.


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Applications for Spring 2015 will be available in February. Check back soon!