Lobby Core

Offered: Fall and Winter Quarter (continuous)
Time: Wednesdays 4:00-5:20pm
To Enroll, Email: fvtown@gmail.com
Course Code: 86570

Description: Lobby Core is a student run seminar that teaches the essentials of lobbying, social justice, and educates students about the California legislature process as well as UC-wide campaigns. In this class you will have hands-on experience in researching legislation pertaining to higher education, which affect all students, perform mock lobbying appointments in order to prepare for actual lobby visits with local and statewide legislators. It is a great opportunity to improve or practice your speaking skills in a professional setting. There will be many opportunities to test your skills and schedule visits to speak with Orange County legislators in person and in the Sacramento Capitol. Join other anteaters to become a part of the fight for the affordability, accessibility, and quality of our higher education.

Social Justice & Community Organizing

Offered: Canceled

Description: This course will focus on diversity, oppression, social justice, and the tools needed in order to develop a more socially just world.. Students will gain a basic understanding of different communities, and the injustices faced by these communities. Students will also gain a better self-understanding. Along with this better understanding students will gain new tools and frameworks on how to work towards different causes. 


  • Weekly Reflections
  • Social Justice Project: Organizing an Action towards a Cause
  • Presentation: Presenting the Results of their Organizing