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Homecoming Court activities

Tue 2/21 – Fri 2/24 from 12pm – 1pm | Student Center Terrace

 Join the Homecoming Court members each day during week 7 from 12pm-1pm on the Student Center Terrace while they compete for the titles of King and Queen.

Homecoming Pre-Game Rally

Friday 2/24 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm | Tennis Courts

Men’s Volleyball vs. UCLA

Friday 2/24 7pm | Bren Events Center

Homecoming Festival

Saturday 2/25 from 3pm – 7pm | Aldrich Park

 Mark your calendars! Get ready to Party in the Park at UCI Homecoming! Bring your Anteater friends to the party for a fun-filled day featuring our annual festival and the men’s basketball game. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reconnect with old Anteater friends and make new ones at this campus-wide celebration!

Homecoming Game

Saturday 2/25 7:30pm | Bren Events Center

 Join thousands of Anteaters as we cheer on our men’s basketball team as they host Cal State Northridge in the Big West Conference play! Current undergrad students are free with valid UCI ID presented at the door. Current graduate students may purchase $5 tickets online or at the window pending enrollment verification. At half-time we will crown your 2017 Homecoming King and Queen.

2017 Homecoming Court Candidates

2017 Homecoming Court Bios / Videos

My name is Noah Popick and I am a senior Chemical Engineering major here at UCI. I like to think of myself as a punny hapa who enjoys trying new things, but I’ve been told that my puns are bad. So I guess that I’m just a guy who enjoys trying new things.

To give a little spiel about myself and who I’ve become here at UCI, I’d like to start it off by saying that they all were inspired after participating in SPOP 8 (Phoenix Year) before my freshman year. Since that point, I had immediately got involved in Greek life, specifically Alpha Epsilon Pi (The Jewish Fraternity). Other campus involvements that I have had on campus was working in student housing on AVSC, serving on board for Hillel, and staffing SPOP for Evergreen year. Off campus in my free time, I enjoy going on food adventures, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, and home brewing.

Anyways, I hope you got to Noah bit more about me as a potential candidate and I hope to see you at the homecoming game!

Hi! My name is Matlynn, but when that’s too hard, people call me Matty. I’m from the Bay Area and am currently an Education Major specializing in After-School learning and Early Childhood Development. I am a part of the UCI Spirit Squad and the captain of the Dance Team, but when I’m not cheering at basketball games you can usually cash me outside eating a slice of pizza and watching Netflix in Student Center. A lot of my love for UCI comes from 3 years of working at the bookstore down in Course Books and from being so involved with the City of Irvine through UCI athletics. UCI has given me so many amazing opportunities and I am forever grateful.

Hi everyone my name is Erick and I like to call Anaheim my “home home” since that is where my two younger siblings and parents live but I also definitely consider Irvine “home” because so much of my life is based here. I am an International Studies major who is too in love with the organizations on our beautiful campus, the people here, and what we do at UCI to actually go study abroad. I have had the opportunity to serve on the executive board of Kababayan at UCI for two years and currently serve as a dance coordinator for our annual Pilipinx American Cultural Night. I am also a proud brother of Phi Delta Theta and just recently concluded my term as President of our chapter. I am Resident Advisor to 54 creative, wild, and amazing first years in Cielo over in Mesa Court! Outside of my involvements my hobbies include trying to sing, dance, play volleyball, and if I really have the time trying to work on my painting skills.

Hi! My name is Abhiramy Sathyanarayana, but you can call me Abhi- like a bumblebee :). My gender pronouns are she, her, hers and I’m a fourth year Political Science and Quantitative Economics double major with a minor in Statistics. My future goal is to become a lawyer in the social justice field and be a voice for minorities that are underrepresented. My family is from Bakersfield, CA aka the middle of nowhere but YAY CENTRAL CAL!

I am a middle child of two sisters and am passionate, loving, and optimistic. I love music so dancing, singing, or playing my violin is always a go to activity for me. I love exploring new places, trying lots of new food, and Netflixing. Tbh I watch way too much Netflix so there is probably something I’ve watched that you have.

At UCI, I’ve been involved with the Orientation Program (SPOP) for two years (Midnight and Lotus Years) and the Alternative Break Program for the Winter Break of 2015 and Spring Break of 2016. I was a Publicity Chair of Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity, and am currently active as a member. Due to my passion for dancing, I joined a Bollywood Fusion Competitive Dance Team called Zamana for two years. Then, I competed in a dance competition within my fraternity called Dance Comp. Currently, I’m on a hip hop dance team called INSA. In addition, I was a Community Assistant at Campus Village (2015-2016), a Course Reader for the School of Social Sciences, and am currently a Resident Advisor (RA) of Balin at Middle Earth.

I’m so glad to (A)Bhi on Homecoming Court and I can’t wait to meet you all and hear your stories.

Since I love quotes, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite about UCI: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 🙂

What’s up Anteaters! My name is Jenny Truong and I was born and raised in West Covina, CA. I am a fourth year Economics and Political Science double major with a minor in Accounting. Most of the time you can find me walking backwards on campus giving tours or practicing late at night at the ARC with my dance team (MCIA). I am also a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority on campus and was involved in the Office of Academic Affairs as an Academic Senator my second year as well as University Studies as a Discussion Leader my third year. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, hiking, and trying new foods. I am so excited and honored to be on this year’s Homecoming Court. I think that UCI is a community filled with some of the greatest, friendliest people you will ever meet. I’m thankful for the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve made thus far and will be forever grateful to UCI for shaping me into the person I am today.

Frank Heyward is an Education Science major with a minor in Criminology, Law and Society. Through his 4 years at UC Irvine, he has been involved heavily through his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, through leadership roles inside his chapter as well as being on the executive board for Greek Songfest 2016. His other involvements include working in ASUCI through Legislative Council, and Student Services on continuing the Soul’d Out tradition for Soulstice, UCI’s premiere talent competition. Frank’s hobbies include enjoying time with his fraternity brothers, indulging in a good episode of Law and Order: SVU, and a productive pub club meeting at the Anthill Pub and Grill, where he can pretend like life as a college student isn’t too stressful.

Hey friends! My name is Brittany Quy, but you can also call me Bbquy! I’m a 4th year studying Public Health Policy and Psychology & Social Behavior. I am a Campus Representative and part of Greek life, with my sisters at Pi Beta Phi. I have been involved with Orientation Staff, ASUCI, the Asian-Pacific Student Association, and the Campus Organizations Resources & Education Office.

When I’m not in class or working, my all-time favorite way to spend my time is out making wild memories with friends and new people. I love adventures, which means exploring, hiking, last-minute road trips, yoga, and dancing my heart away under the sun at live music shows. I’m also huge admirer of the sky. I think it’s incredible that the sky is never the same as it is any other day. Call me cheesy, but I think it’s a pretty cool reminder to embrace the ever-changing and spontaneous beauty of the little moments in our every day lives.

When I’m not taking snapchats of the sky, my procrastination of choice is eating delicious foods, having quality conversations with friends, and binge-watching everything on Netflix that has a five-star review.

Hello Fellow Anteaters!

I am thrilled and humbled to be a homecoming princess for the 2017 Homecoming Court! My name is Sonia Chavez and I am a first generation public health policy major with a minor in civic and community engagement. I was born in Texas and moved to California at the age of five.


Now, I’m at my fourth year of college with a few months left until graduation, thinking how these years went by me. Throughout my time here I have participated in the following organizations/clubs: Guest and Events Services  parking attendant, Chi Alpha Epsilon Zeta Rho Honor Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, Global Health Research Education and translation, Public Health Research, ASUCI Senate (Public Health and At-Large), Student Support Services Peer Educator, Jumpstart AmeriCorps Member, CAMP, Project ACE, Alternative Breaks, Biological Science Mentorship program, Student Alumni Association, UCDC, and Health Scholars Program.My life goal is to become a physician assistant and work with low-income communities and diverse backgrounds. Ultimately, I will devote my life to service others and make an impact at a larger scale through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Thank you so much for supporting me through this special journey. See you at Homecoming!

You may recognize her from her time serving waffle fries at Chik Fil A; however, Harmonie Carr, a fourth year here at UCI, has been an involved Anteater on campus since day one! She has worked at the Telephone Outreach Program (TOP) for a year and a half working alongside other students to raise money for various departments within the school. She was an active worship team member in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, UCI Chapter. She is also currently completing her second year as a Middle Earth RA. She is super excited to be on Homecoming court this year!

Hello my name is Anthony Wovenu and I am a guy currently my interest include being involved on campus. As a transfer student, I knew that I would not have a lot of time to do the things that I wanted to so I jumped into activities full force from the get go. My activities include research with my professor in the School of Public Health where I am but not limited  finding out new and intuitive ways of teaching students in a university setting while at the same time bringing schools that normally do not connect with each other together to the same classroom. In addition to that, I am also a partner in TWIGH or This week in Global Health which is an episodic type of website dedicated to sharing all things Global Health. (Stay tuned for my video!) I also do research at the school of medicine particularly in the Cancer Research Institute where I am looking to find different ways of treating skin cancer with various levels of chemotherapy but also looking at ways of preventing cancer through a technique my Principle investigator calls chemo-prevention!

As far as clubs go, I am a board member for the Public Health Association and coordinator for Outreach in Global Health Research Education and Translation or GHREAT. I do various different things for both clubs but I am dedicated to promoting health on individual and systematic level.

My name is Kimberly “Kimmy” Macias, my preferred gender pronouns are she, her, hers and I am a Psychology and Social Behavior & Education Sciences double major from Calexico, California!

    I am a fun, reggae music loving, loud, strong, and super friendly individual. I am the eldest of two in my small, loving family of four and enjoy spending time with family and friends, going out for ice cream, listening/singing to the top of my lungs to music, going to concerts, and keeping up with Netflix. :p  

    At UCI, I have been involved in the Latina/o Student Psychological Association (LSPA) since my first year and served as Co-President last year and Community Outreach chair the previous school year, a member of Circle K, served in ACCESS Social Ecology Program as peer mentor last year, Summer Academic Enrichment Program (SAEP) participant, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) research fellow, Student Parent Orientation Program staff, and I am currently on my second year as a student coordinator for the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) as well as a member of LSPA and the Latino Business Student Association (LBSA).

Hi there! I am Kush Thukral, I am a 4th year Chemical Engineering Major Pursuing Minors in Material Science & Engineering and Business Management. I will be staying a 5th year, though I am completely happy with it cause that means I don’t have to leave and be a legit adult yet xD. I consider myself a funny person, I know for sure that I’m the biggest supporter to my own jokes xD, but there is rarely a time where you will see me and I won’t be smiling my face off 😊. And 9 times out of 10, the reason I’d be smiling is because I have just seen you! I absolutely love meeting new people, and I have only met absolutely fantasmic people here at UCI, and each and every one of them has made my college experience that much better, I can only hope I returned the favor! 😊.

I have had the absolute honor and pleasure to experience so many different orgs and clubs here on campus since my SPOP experience; some of which I have listed below:

-SMLI: Summer Multicultural Leadership Institute

-Andaaz: the South-Asian (Indian) Acapella Group

-GWA: Garba With Attitude- (Dance Org)

-Raangle Panjaab: Dance Org

-ISC: Indian Subcontinental Club

– Theta Tau: Co-Ed Professional Engineering Fraternity

-AIChE: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

. Through each of these orgs, and experiences I have met so many individuals, each of whom have talked to me, opened up to me, and allowed me to grow in ways I never thought I could. Basically this is my chance to thank everyone for that, and express my love and happiness for everyone

All of you have shaped me to be a person I am. I treat every single person I encounter with love and respect, from my closest friends, to random strangers who i’ve only just met. To me, comfortability of those who are around me is extremely important because it allows them to be true to themselves (me included), and you never know when you’re going to learn something new about yourself.