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Rafael Carrazco

Internal Vice President

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The Office of Internal Vice President focuses on reforming dining, food security, and mental health resources at UC Irvine. In addition, this office also strives to improve parking, housing, legal services, student health, and sustainability initiatives on our campus. The Internal Vice President serves as the undergraduate representative in the UC Irvine administration.
It is of great honor for me to have the privilege of serving as your Internal Vice President for this academic year. I am very excited to be working with each and every one of you as we strive to improve our campus for the years to come.

As a student that has been attending this institution for a few years, I have seen too many conflicts, inequalities, and disparities around our campus: Lack of representation, hatred and criticisms within different student groups, political gaps between student organizations, signs of corporate greed, and lack of awareness within our student body.

It is time for us, as students and leaders, to take action and change the face of our campus. We should never conform to the current standards in our society and we should never accept the fact that we have to conform to certain factors. The most relevant example would be tuition hike. On our campus, thousands of students had accepted to conform in paying a fortune to receive an education without showing resistance or even question the administration. The same scenario can be applied to many other issues that we all face on a daily basis: Transportation, access, materials, food security, etc. We may have lost our way and accepted the fact that America’s billionaire class is buying power from politicians and businesses everywhere across the nation. The power and forces of corporate greed may be too powerful to stop. But we have to try for the sake of our future generations, and for our children. We owe it to them to make this fight.

Altogether, I believe that we will be able to empower the students and faculty, and everyone else, to create changes and close the disparities on many spectrums that we have on our campus.

Let’s start off the year strong and take down the inequalities and disparities, one issue at a time.

Office of the Internal Vice President Cabinet

Misael MarquezChief of Staff
Malinda PangAnteaters In Action Commissioner
Sanjanaa Ellur Food Security Commissioner
Mi Tran Legal Clinic Commissioner
Jessica Zamora Student Life & Advocacy Commissioner
Kennia Ortega Garden Commissioner
Vinisha KothariVendor Fair Commissioner
Jennifer Martin Del Campo Campus Task Force Commissioner
Stephanie Silva Sustainability Project Commissioner