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New University Virtualized Computing 2016-12-12T08:43:49+00:00

The New University would like to thank The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) for helping the newspaper production team reduce energy consumption with funding for energy-saving desktop power units through a virtualized server.
The New University applied for funding from TGIF to purchase more energy efficient computing hardware. Instead of using older and slower desktop units that could use as much as 200 watts the new Zero Client units (pictured below) only use as much as 15 watts. This will greatly decrease the amount of energy consumed. Also, these units are about 1/10th the size of normal desktop units and help decrease the amount of e-waste produced.

Furthermore, the PowerEdge R710 server (pictured below) allows for remote login so the New University staff can work from home as if they were actually in their office looking at their computer screen. This can potentially reduce transportation demands to travel onto campus to work. The PowerEdge R710 has improved energy efficiencies with enhanced virtualization capabilities and thermal regulation to decrease the total amount of energy used while maintaining greater processing power.