Happy holidays Anteaters! We hope that you had a good finals week and are enjoying winter break. As 2013 comes to a close, the Office of Academic Affairs would like to take a moment to reflect on this past quarter and also make some announcements for the upcoming quarter. Each of the six commissions within this office has been working hard to cater to your needs; here are just some of the highlights:

  • Academic Engagement hosted more events than ever before (check out our older blogs to see more about them!) Recently though, Engagement put on the ICS Video Game Night, in which club executives, professors, and a representative from Sony talked to students about video game design. Afterwards, students were able to test out some video games made at UCI, and also got some free goodies from Sony. Social Ecology Week, a first for the School of Social Ecology, provided many opportunities for students to network and create ties within the school itself. One of the most popular events was the “Melt and Mingle with Professors and Faculty” event, in which students and professors got to sit down and talk about research and classes, all while munching on some delicious cheese and chocolate fondue.
    • Look forward to more engagement events with different schools, such as Undecided / Undeclared, Business, Education, Social Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences, among others during winter quarter.
  • Visions Leadership had a very successful recruitment, and looks forward to the class next quarter, which will help students develop leadership skills and become visionaries!
  • Antleader Mentorship Program had a very successful class this quarter, especially with building close bonds between mentors and mentees, and will be recruiting mentors soon.
  • Speakers & Debate has been preparing for a huge speaking engagement (more exciting details to come; stay tuned!)
  • Academic Senate has been and will continue to work on bringing transparency to its constituents by advocating for student voice through the proposal of a by-law amendment, and also creating Senators’ blogs.
  • Internal Publicity (which is a brand new commission) has been bringing you a plethora of different cover photos and posters, and also utilizing different social media outlets to ensure that you, as students, always feel that the Office of Academic Affairs is inviting, transparent, and accessible.

Our entire office would like to thank you Anteaters for helping make this an extremely successful quarter, and we look forward to seeing you at even more of our events next quarter. Until then, stay warm and enjoy your holidays!