Dear Anteaters,

Below, you may find the information about the June 7th primary. For this primary, there will be five polling locations on campus:

– Mesa Court Community Center, 4053 Mesa Rd.
– Middle Earth Housing, 531 E. Peltason Dr.
– University Hills Community Center, 1083 California Ave.
– Verano Place Commons, 6529 Adobe Circle Rd.
– Camino Del Sol, 33000 Arroyo Dr.

Click HERE to find the exact locations of the polling places.

Please note the following:

– If you are registered to vote by mail, you should have received your ballot through mail. After filling it out, you can drop it at any of the five polling locations. If you have lost or not received your vote by mail ballot, please follow the instructions further below for requesting assistance.

– If you are registered to vote in person with your UCI address, then you must ONLY go to the polling location that covers the geographical area of your address.

– If you have registered to vote in person outside of Irvine, you must either go to the county and location where you registered at, or cast a provisional ballot. For further assistance, please read below:

Here are some resources that you may utilize during the election day to answer any questions that you may have or request assistance:

1) Orange County Registrar of Voters Election Help Line: (714)567-7600
2) Orange County Registrar of the Voters “Frequently Asked Questions”:
3) Secretary of State’s “Election Information”:

Additionally, our partners, Orange County Registrar of Voters and League of Women Voters have provided us with an information sheet regarding the Election, which should answer most of your questions regarding the Election. This information sheet could be found HERE. Should you have any further questions, feel free to email us at

Thank you,
Parshan Khosravi & Tracy La,
ASUCI President & President Elect