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As promised, here is my report for ASUCI’s progress and efforts during the month of October:

  1. Conclusion and Results of the 60 by 16 Voter Registration Campaign: By the October 24 registration deadline, ASUCI registered 6,639 students to vote during our three-year campaign — which accounts for 25% of our entire campus. Woo! Since September 2016 alone, we registered 4,149 students. We also collaborated with UCI professors Dr. Frank Wilderson and Dr. Carole Uhlaner to host the Campus Debate Series: Professor Edition, which addressed the question, “Is Voting an Essential Element of Change in a Democracy?”Although the 60 by 16 campaign has ended, we are working to transition into a new phase for years to come that will continue to focus on voter registration and connecting students with local civic engagement efforts. Thank you so much to everyone who supported and worked with us along the way.We’re also giving away free “VOTE” t-shirts, pictured in the attached flyer below. Please let me know if you would like one! And if you can, don’t forget to vote by November 8th.

  2. UC Council of Student Body Presidents: On Wednesday, October 26, the UC Council of Student Body Presidents had our first quarterly meeting with UC President Janet Napolitano. The main items discussed during this meeting are as follows:

    UC Regent Selections: As of today, there are 2 vacancies in the UC Board of Regents out of 19 total seats. By March, there will be an additional 2 vacancies, totaling to 4. The California Constitution states that for regental selections, Governor Brown needs to consult an advisory committee, which is very concerning because it has not been formed yet. The Constitution also states that the UC Council of Presidents chooses one student to sit on this committee. Thus, the Council will be writing a letter to Governor Brown and other members of the legislature to urge him to convene this committee as soon as possible and to ensure that student voices are part of this process.

    Increased student enrollment and its consequences on the student experience (housing, basic needs): Many of the concerns we raised about this issue centered around the housing shortage throughout the UC system, as well as the lack of study spaces. President Napolitano affirmed that there will be more of a push to enroll more first-year transfer students to alleviate the lack of housing for on-campus first years.

    Encouraging Donations that Fulfill Student Needs:  We also brought up our concerns about the donations our campuses have been receiving. Although we are extremely appreciative of the additional resources, these resources are not addressing the critical issues that students are facing now, such as housing and food security and lack of study spaces. We proposed creating a basic needs endowment fund for donors to offset these consequences and a push to have more aggressive campaigns for donations for student life resources. We also proposed doing assessments of the impact that new donor-sponsored or new buildings in general have on students, in addition to the cost and sustainability assessments that we know are already part of the process. If you have any particular concerns about UCI’s new buildings now, please let me know.

    Tuition: Although the UC Regents will not bring up the topic of tuition during their November meeting at UCSF, the six-year freeze that we have had on tuition increases will be ending after this year. We urged President Napolitano to express our concerns to the state and the regents. Although we were told that they will not propose a large increase, we encourage students to come out to the UC Regents meeting to express their concerns about tuition increases. In addition, we plan to work with UCOP to aggressively push the state to allocate more funding toward the UC.

    If you have any feedback on these proposals or topics or would like us to address other topics, please reach out to me at

  3. UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference: The UC Women’s Caucus (UCWC), formed last year by the UC Council of Presidents, is a political coalition that serves to represent the gender needs and interests of women, trans individuals and allies across the UC system. This year, thanks to AGS President Michelle Chan for submitting the proposal, UC Irvine will be hosting the UC Women’s Caucus Leadership Conference in January! Please reach out to Michelle at if you would like to provide input regarding workshop topics, activities, or speakers that you would like to see.
  4. Students of Color Conference: The conference is taking place THIS MONTH in less than 2 weeks on November 18-20! We look forward to seeing everyone!
  5. ASUCI hosted a very successful Shoctoberfest this year, selling out 5,000 tickets in under a week. This marks the second year in a row that we sold out in tickets. If any of you have any feedback about the event, feel free to reach out to the Office of Student Services at The Office of Student Services will also be hosting the Athletic game this Saturday, where the first 300 people to enter the Bren will receive a FREE drawstring bag with the Defend the Bren schedule.  They will also be hosting an event where you can “Meet the Imagineer Behind Manoa” on November 15, and the first 500 to attend will receive giveaways! Last week, ASUCI also held the first Art Lab event of the year, themed as the Dark Lab.

  6. Sexual Assault Awareness Week: ASUCI’s Campus Climate Commission hosted sexual assault awareness week during week 5. Monday-Wednesday, we had a booth on ring road that discussed debunking the myths, the Green Dot Program, and resources on campus. On Thursday, we held a screening of the Hunting Ground, which was followed by a panel of UCI staff.

    ASUCI’s Mental Health commission also hosted an event called Treat Yo’ Self today, and gave away care packages filled with scantrons and other items at the Student Center Terrace. We also developed brochures entitled, “Reclaim Mental Health” filled with resources and basic information about how you can find help or help others who may be struggling with mental health issues. Please come pick these up and our other resources in the ASUCI President’s Office in G244 Student Center if you are interested.

    ASUCI will also be working to host Housing and Homelessness Awareness Week during week 8. If you have any questions about this initiative, please reach out to the ASUCI Internal Vice President, Rafael Carrazco, at

  7. ASUCI Transparency Initiative: Earlier this month, ASUCI’s Office of the President released our first videos for our President’s Corner series, where we will updating the campus on various issues that ASUCI is working on, recap the programs we held, and offer a more detailed explanation of some of the political issues surrounding the advocacy agenda of ASUCI as a whole. We released two videos so far, which you may view here. For our next video, I will be answering questions you may have about ASUCI submitted via this form: Please ask away! ASUCI also launched our Facebook photo campaign. Many of you may have seen ASUCI members change their facebook profile pictures to headshots with the ASUCI logo and their position. We did this to ensure you know who our ASUCI members are and which areas they are responsible for taking charge in.

  8. First Senate Resolution Passed: This month, the ASUCI Senate also passed our first resolution of the year, “UCI Membership in the IIE Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis and Support for Displaced Students, Including Syrians.” You may view the full resolution here. I would like to invite you all to come to our meetings and make public comments for issues or concerns you would like Senate to address. Our meetings take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7pm in Moss Cove B.

  9. Student Programming Funding Board (SPFB): We also created flyers for student orgs to learn more about how they can receive funding from SPFB! Below is the flyer with more information about the process.

Thanks for reading and good luck on midterms!


Tracy La
ASUCI President

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