Hello Anteaters,

I hope all of you have gone through finals and checked off another successful academic year.

I am Sanjanaa Ellur and I served as your Internal Vice President during this academic year. With this Friday marking the last day of my term, I want to take time to thank you for giving me this opportunity and share some of the great accomplishments that my team and I have achieved. Please view the image below to see them.

I also want to recognize all the staff within the Office of Internal Vice President for committing endless hours and always making this their priority. Without my staff, we couldn’t have accomplished so much. Student Government is truly a great opportunity to make good change and I encourage all of you to get involved in any possible way.

With that being said, thank you once again for giving me this humbling opportunity.

Signing off,
Sanjanaa Ellur
Internal Vice President 18-19