1. What is ASUCI?

ASUCI stands for the Associated Students of the University of California, Irvine and it acts as the undergraduate student government. ASUCI is run by students for the students. Elected officials, chosen by the student population, hold and advocate the basic rights of all who attend UC Irvine. In addition to recognizing and protecting these rights, ASUCI provides a vast number of activities, services, and programs to help all anteaters flourish and succeed.

2. Who makes up ASUCI?

ASUCI is a tripartite system of government that consists of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches.

Executive Branch:

  • President: The President oversees campus issues, creates transparency from administration, tackles issues concerning student welfare and runs commissions such as ArtLab.
  • External Vice President: Duties of the External Vice President include campus outreach, External Affairs and addressing issues affecting higher education such as tuition, the school-to-prison pipeline, and expanding resources for marginalized communities.
  • Academic Affairs Vice President: The Academic Affairs Vice President manages the Anteater Mentorship Program, Academic Senate, Visions Leadership, UTeach and Professor Luncheons.
  • Internal Vice President: The Internal Vice President works to bring sustainability and advocacy programs to the campus such as Anteaters in Action and the Food Security Initiative. Their duties also include sitting on several campus advisory boards such as the Student Center, ARC, Bren Events, USHIP, and Anteater Express.
  • Student Services Vice President: The Student Services Vice President helps bring to our campus events such as the Anteater Involvement Fair, various concerts, athletic rallies and spirit days, Homecoming, film screenings and many other events that contribute to the UCI undergraduate experience.

Legislative Branch:

Senate: The Senate is made up of student representatives who discuss and approve or reject legislations. The representatives are organized by school. To find out who your school representative is, visit: https://www.asuci.uci.edu/representatives/

Judicial Branch:

The Judicial Branch is made up of Judicial Board members who hear appeals made by the ASUCI Elections Commission and makes sure to uphold individuals’ and organizations’ rights. To see the full list of Judicial Board Members, visit https://www.asuci.uci.edu/judicial/judicial-board/-


3. How do I become involved in ASUCI?

ASUCI is filled with several positions and opportunities to get involved. Applications are available at the beginning of every quarter or on a rolling basis throughout the year on the ASUCI website – www.asuci.uci.edu – and any student is welcome to stop by the ASUCI Offices for more information and talk directly with any of your executive officers.

Most commissions have established a two-part process for the same. This includes filling in an application followed by a short interview. After the interview, you will be notified by an official email of the final decision for your application.

In order to find out the most appropriate position for you, you might want to go to our website — www.asuci.uci.edu. When you scroll down the first page, you could find a part called “application”. All the available position will be shown there. It will always be updated. In order to see all the positions in ASUCI, you could go over it under the Branches part on our website.

4. What services does ASUCI provide?

  • Discount Tickets: ASUCI often provides discounted tickets to many attractions and hotspots around Southern California as like to Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Legoland etc. All this and much more from the front desk of the ASUCI office!
  • Shuttle Service and Transportation: ASUCI has been a harbinger of transportation and has provided shuttles for the students of UCI ever since 1987 all around campus. Check http://www.shuttle.uci.edu for schedules and maps.
  • Vendor Fairs: Every quarter at least once, a vendor fair is organized at Ring Road, where variety of products and fast food snacks are sold at reasonable price. Be it the latest fashions to a bag of delicious kettle corn, they have it all. For the upcoming vendor fair notifications and list of vendors, visit https://www.asuci.uci.edu/vendorfair/

5. Who is allowed to attend events hosted by ASUCI ?

Events that are hosted by ASUCI are open to the entire student body. Additionally, there are also many open to the community at large and the public, though not commonly held. Regardless, all full-time students with a valid Student ID Card are allowed at all ASUCI events.

6. Does ASUCI offer courses and how do I enroll in them?

There’s three different types of courses ASUCI offers, Visions, Anteater Mentorship Program and Campus Action Courses which are run by students. Participation on some of these also provides units. Vision courses teach students leadership and communication skills within ASUCI. This course is offered in Winter and Spring quarters. Similar to the Vision courses, AMP (Anteater Mentorship Program) courses also help students gain their leadership skills through social activities and one on one mentor ship. Campus Action Courses educate students on how to become more politically active, including a free trip to Sacramento, California where they will meet state legislators to discuss student issues. This course is offered Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. For further enquiry email amp@asuci.uci.edu , visions@asuci.uci.edu and presidentcos@asuci.uci.edu for AMP, Visions and Campus Action Courses respectively.

7. What types of Events does ASUCI host?

ASUCI puts on several campus wide events, which include professor-student panels, school spirit rallies, entertainment events that range from student talent to professional musicians, speaker conventions that address students’ questions relating to academic and professional concerns, and much more. Some examples that are hosted annually by ASUCI include:

  • Welcome Week:

A week of free and fun-filled activities to welcome new and returning students back to campus, which is held during Week 0 of every Fall Quarter. Includes a club fair, a free concert known as Aldrich Park After Dark, movie screenings, ASUCI open house, campus tours and lots of other social activities. For more information, go to http://welcomeweek.asuci.uci.edu/

  • Concerts:

Shocktoberfest is held in October of every school year and include a concert with musicians/artists. Some past lineups we had were Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and more. Also includes the debut of UCI’s basketball teams. For more information, check the Shocktoberfest website: https://shocktoberfestuci.com/

Soulstice is a student talent competition that is held every Winter Quarter. Talent ranges from dance to a capella. Have more questions about the event or want to be a part of the Soulstice team? Click here: https://www.asuci.uci.edu/soulstice/

Summerlands resembles more of a music festival than a concert since it is held outdoors in Aldrich Park, contains food booths, and a beer garden. Past lineups had Kina Grannis, Us the Duo, and SoMo. For more information, go to https://www.asuci.uci.edu/summerlands/

  • Academic Panels/Q&A:

Academic Engagement series are held to provide students an informal setting to learn from professors in their field of study. Multiple events are held every quarter and free food/snacks are provided for students who attend. More questions? Contact the Academic Engagement Commission here: academicengagement@asuci.uci.edu or visit their website: https://www.asuci.uci.edu/academicvp/academic_engagement/

Actors/Comedians/Other well-known speakers are also invited to UCI once a year to discuss their struggles and successes, which range from immigration to the U.S. or making a career on YouTube, and also to answers students’ questions. Some past speakers include The Try Guys from Buzzfeed, Jenna Marbles, and more. Email the Speakers Commission at speakers@asuci.uci.edu for more information.

  • ArtLAB:

Two ArtLAB events are held every quarter. They showcase students’ artwork with a different theme for every event. In addition to that, there are also interactive activities, games, free food, and more held at the Student Center. Want to showcase your artwork or have more questions? Contact the ArtLAB Commission at artlab@asuci.uci.edu.

  • Movie Nights:

Free movie nights are held regularly throughout the year and is usually held in Aldrich Park, HIB 100, or at Edwards Cinema at the University Town Center. For more information contact the Films Commission at films@asuci.uci.edu

For more information about other events hosted by ASUCI, check the ASUCI – Events webpage or contact the different respective ASUCI’s Offices, which could be found under the Branches tab at asuci.uci.edu.

8. Who can attend Senate meetings where do they take place?

Any student UCI student is welcome to the Senate meetings and it is highly encouraged to attend. The Senate meets regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm, usually in Woods Cove BC. Meeting locations do sometimes change, so please contact Student Government and Student Media office at 949-824-5547 to be notified of the location of the next meeting.

9. Where is ASUCI located?

ASUCI is located inside the Student Media and Government office situated in the Student Center terrace stage, across from the ATM’s.