Associated Students of University of California Irvine (ASUCI) is the undergraduate government at UC Irvine. ASUCI is a student-run and student elected organization that advocates on behalf of students and creates programs that enhance the student experience at UC Irvine. Advocacy projects include partnering with dining to fight for better food service options on campus, researching a potential smoking ban, questioning the bike policy and working to make professor evaluations public online. ASUCI hosts three major festivals a year, Shocktoberfest in the Fall, Wayzegoose in the Spring and Reggaefest on the last day of class in June. In addition ASUCI hosts tailgates, professor luncheons, guest lectures, weekly comedy nights at the Pub and movie-screenings to liven up campus life. Involvement in student government is a great way to gain leadership experience, learn about the University and fight for improvements in student life.

In 1965-1966, over 50 students served on three committees (Honor Code, Constitution, and Activities) which was the genesis of ASUCI. After a failed attempt to ratify a constitution in spring 1966, on November 18, 1966, the first ASUCI constitution and fee ($7 quarter) were approved with 74.6% of the 1,141 students who voted, voting yes.  Chancellor Aldrich recognized the election as valid and therefore authorized the establishment of both.

On May 19, 1972, The Regents reaffirmed that The Associated Students on the several campuses of the University are official units of the University  “exercising authorities concerning student affairs by delegations from The Regents, the President, and the Chancellors, and that the President can continue to take all administrative action which is necessary or appropriate to treat the Associated Students and all of their activities as integral parts of the University, including, in particular, steps necessary to secure exemption from taxes on property administered by ASUC’s and from government permits and fees for their activities and actions to confirm that employees of the Associated Students are employees of the University.”

On October 8, 1972, The Regents authorized the ASUCI to increase to $8 per quarter.  On February 14, 1973, The Regents authorized the ASUCI fee to increase to $9 per quarter.  In 1981, The Regents authorized the fee to increase to $13 per quarter.  And, on July 18, 1996, The Regents authorized the fee to increase to $18 per quarter.

In Fall 1976 , the graduate students separated from ASUCI forming their own organization, Associated Graduate Students.  Their current fee is $9 per student per quarter (excluding GSM and Medical students who pay $14 per student per quarter).