Academic Affairs Vice President

Peter Trejo

Mission Statement

“The ASUCI Office of Academic Affairs provides resources, services and programs designed to support and enrich the academic wellbeing of UCI students. The goal of all our events and programs is to guide, inspire, and empower the students of UCI to find their passions and take ownership of their academic and leadership careers.”

The Office of Academic Affairs is comprised of the Academic Affairs Vice President, the Chiefs of Staff, and the five different commissions. The five different commissions all serve different purposes, but all work towards the Academic Affairs mission statement. Click on their respective pages for more information!

  • Academic Engagement
  • Academic Senate
  • Antleader Mentorship Program
  • Speakers
  • Visions Leadership

Duties & Responsibilities

The Academic Affairs Vice President manages the five different commissions of the Office of Academic Affairs and the relationship between the UCI undergraduate population and the academic senate and campus faculty. By meeting with campus faculty and other officials involved with academic initiatives, the Academic Affairs Vice President works to provide the proper resources and services for the undergraduate student body to succeed academically. In addition, the Academic Affairs Vice President is responsible for various ASUCI projects in collaboration with the other ASUCI Executives and any other responsibilities and operations outlined by the ASUCI Constitution and By-Laws.

Kyle Dimla

5th Year | Neurobiology & Education Sciences Major

Hello Anteaters!

My name is Kyle Dimla and I am a double major in Neurobiology & Education Sciences specializing in Digital Media & Learning. I have been a part of ASUCI since my first year as part of the Antleader Mentorship Program Commission. As part of a program designed for first year first-generation, low-income students and as part of UCI Orientation for two years, my experiences working so closely with students have redefined my meaning of service and inspired me to do more for the student body. The Office of Academic Affairs carries so much potential to help make UCI a space for academic excellence and healthy career guidance, and with the work we do, I hope to uplift and empower Anteaters to not only do well academically, but to also take ownership of their career paths. My goal for the Office of Academic Affairs is to create a response-based administration, meaning we actively engage with the student body to identify what the students want and need, then create initiatives, projects, and events based on those responses. I want to put particular focus on leadership development and community building in our office starting in the summer, because I believe leaders thrive in a space they feel they belong to or feel empowered in. Below are a few specific plans I have for the Office of Academic Affairs:

  • Refine the purpose of the Office of Academic Affairs and unite each commission with an overarching goal
  • Learn and promote awareness about the diversity of academic inequities the undergraduate student body faces and identify effective methods to support disadvantaged students
  • Develop more effective methods of outreach to increase the awareness of events and resources the Office of Academic Affairs and other academically relevant departments have to offer
  • Build stronger connections and transparency between the Office of Academic Affairs and the general student body in order to identify student needs to respond to or advocate for
  • Create more opportunities to reduce the cost of academic materials such as scantrons, iClickers, lab supplies, etc.
  • Refine the Antleader Mentorship Program’s focus on services for first-generation low-socioeconomic status students

I am always open to criticisms and suggestions, so if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

Ben Hung | External Chief of Staff
4th Year | Psychology & Management

Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 12PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Sani Ghahremanians | Internal Chief of Staff
4th Year | Political Science & International Studies

Office Hours: Mondays at 3PM & Wednesdays at 2PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Nasir Asad | Assistant Chief of Staff
3rd Year | Political Science & International Studies

Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays at 1PM at ASUCI Academic Affairs Office