Academic Engagement



Candice Joy Corpuz
Candice Joy Corpuz3rd Year | Public Health Sciences
Anna Kim
Anna Kim3rd Year | Public Health Policy Major & Management Minor

Mission Statement

Academic Engagement aims to provide academic support, guidance and empowerment by hosting engagement events that will offer UCI students opportunities to communicate and network with professors and individuals from a field of their interest. In addition, we offer academic resources to support students in their academic endeavors and struggles, as well as to provide a space for those who may feel lost to explore different academic options.

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Candice Joy Corpuz | Commissioner
3rd Year | Public Health Sciences

Hi! My name is Candice Joy Corpuz and I am a third-year majoring in Public Health Sciences at UCI. This is my second year in ASUCI and I have the honor to serve as one of your 2019-2020 Academic Engagement commissioners! 

Within the Office of Academic Affairs, I hope to bring students and faculty together to foster connections that will help enable them to achieve their individual goals within UCI. I also hope to empower students as they take on their academic endeavors and create a positive environment on campus where they feel safe to seek the proper resources they need. As academic engagement commissioner, I hope that the events we hold will offer opportunities that are meaningful to both students and faculty. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns! Here’s to a new and successful academic year! 


Anna Kim | Commissioner
3rd Year | Public Health Policy Major & Management Minor

Hello friends!! My Myers-Brigg personality type is ESFJ-T, my top two love languages are quality time and words of affirmation, and I’m a Capricorn! The biggest misconception about myself is the intimidation that comes with my height, I’m really the worst with directions, and I’m pretty neutral about pineapples on pizza. My favorite sport is tennis, my actual literal actual favorite place in the world is the beach, and my favorite thing to do in my free time is laugh HAHAAHAHHA.

During my first year I was a Visions Leadership mentee, became a Visions mentor/AA intern my second year, and I’m honored to serve as one of your Academic Engagement commissioners for this year! I have so much to owe to Visions for cultivating my leadership/mentorship skills, empowering me to make a difference on campus, and the lasting relationships. This year, I hope to use my experience in Academic Affairs to guide others, challenge myself, and emphasize the familial aspect of our office. Seriously so much love for our wholesome office, it’s going to be a good one :’)