Academic Engagement



Joyce Kim
Joyce Kim4th Year | Psychology & Education
She / Her / Hers

Mondays at 12PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Carmen Yu
Carmen Yu3rd Year | Business Economics & PSB
She / Her / Hers

Thursdays at 11AM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Mission Statement

Academic Engagement aims to provide academic support, guidance and empowerment by hosting engagement events that will offer UCI students opportunities to communicate and network with professors and individuals from a field of their interest. In addition, we offer academic resources to support students in their academic endeavors and struggles, as well as to provide a space for those who may feel lost to explore different academic options.

Whine & Cheese with your PAAs [RSVP HERE]

Wednesday November 15th from 4PM-6PM, Cross Cultural Center Dr. White Room

Academic Engagement presents: Whine (and Cheese) About Your Problems! We’ll have Peer Academic Advisors provide guidance for y’all as you figure out what classes to take for the upcoming quarter…. and there will be complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and snacks! Come through on Week 7, Wednesday, November 15 from 4-6PM in the Dr. White Room in the Cross Cultural Center.

Carmen Yu | Commissioner
3rd Year | Business Economics & PSB

My journey in ASUCI started when I applied to be an intern for Academic Engagement last year. I applied specifically for Academic Engagement because I was drawn by the mission statement “To bridge the gap between students and faculty.” As a first-generation student, I understand how difficult it could be to navigate college on our own. Yet, this commission has provided me with the academic support and guidance I needed.  Hoping to give back to the community that has once helped me grow both professionally and academically, I decided to challenge myself and apply to be a commissioner. I hope, through my role as a commissioner, I would be able to plan and execute more engaging events to all student population. I hope, as a commission, we can strive to create more fun, informative, and meaningful events to offer different opportunities for students to meet and connect with faculty members outside of the classroom settings. In addition, I hope to reach out to more under-represented academic schools and on-campus organizations to ensure all student body is being represented.

Joyce Kim | Commissioner
4th Year | Psychology & Education

Nicholas Woo
2nd Year | Computer Science

Ellie Truong
3rd Year | Public Health Policy Major

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to be part of ASUCI this year 🙂 I applied to Academic Engagement for a few reasons – to be actively involved on campus, and to help out my peers academically in ways I would’ve loved, coming into UCI. I’m striving to bring students and faculty together in hopes to help them plan and achieve their goals successfully, on both ends. I look forward to working with my amazing team and making a difference on campus!

Yanely Hernandez
2nd Year | Business Information Management

To spread school spirit and provide support for all anteaters here at UCI is what has driven me to become a part of the ASUCI family. I truly believe that if we help every student on this campus feel safe and excited about their home away from home, it paves a way for endless possibilities of what each student can accomplish on this campus. Through this platform, I hope to spread this belief not only to our students of today, but our students of tomorrow.

Sophie Abad
2nd Year | Business Administration

Being an active member of my community and participating in the associated student body has always been a goal of mine. Coming fresh out of my first year in college, the struggles that I draw upon are recent, relatable, and push me to better the experiences of those here in UCI. I applied for ASUCI for a multitude of reasons: to serve as a liaison, bridging students with resources that will enhance their academic emprise; to give back and continually serve the place that has become my home away from home; and to be an active member of an organization that has enabled me to grow and develop into someone I am proud of. It is the last statement that provides me with motivation to contribute more to the students of UCI by addressing their wants and needs as I would love nothing more than for all of us, collectively, to feel pride in who we are and what we have accomplished. Now, being able to mark off my goal of joining ASUCI, I can work diligently on what I have my mind set on next: aiding you all in achieving your own goals.

Denise Vo
3rd Year | Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ayooooo UCI! I’m Denise and this is my first year in the Office of Academic Affairs. Like most students, I applied to ASUCI because I wanted to be involved on campus, but on a bigger, more impactful scale in which I could reach out to the entire undergraduate population. I didn’t know much about Academic Affairs until my friend invited me to one of the office’s events, where I had such a fun and genuine experience, engaging with faculty members and fellow students. One thing led to another and now here I am. As a part of the Academic Engagement commission this year, one of my goals is to highlight the value of making connections with faculty and staff as students by making programs that enable students to see their professors in a more friendly, approachable light. In addition, I hope our commission will be successful in implementing events that target the underrepresented populations on campus, whether it be different majors, students of certain academic standing, or transfer and international students, and show them that they have all the resources and support they need to succeed here at UCI.

Mingxin Lin
3rd Year | Pharmaceutical Sciences

I applied to ASUCI because it was something that I have always wanted to be part of since freshman year and it is an organization that will help me better improve my leadership skills, it will also allow me to meet different people. Changes that I want to make on campus is for students to know more about the resources that are offered on campus. I know a lot of people especially transfer or international students do not know about resources such as Transfer Hub. Another change I want to make on campus is for students to feel more comfortable around faculty because most of time people forget that they are also people, they also have lives and that they should feel comfortable going to office hours and ask questions.

Diana Terska
4th Year | Mechanical Engineering

Freddy Guzman
3rd Year | Quantitative Economics

Patricia Yadao
3rd Year | Public Health Policy

To kick off the 2017-2018 school year, the Academic Engagement Commission hosted an informal meet and greet with a few of the Peer Academic Advisors from each academic department for undergraduate students to ask questions and meet their PAAs. This has been Academic Engagement’s tradition for a few years now and we are happy we got to bring it back again during Fall 2017 and to serve our students with some rocket pops!

Our second event of Fall Quarter targeted the Business department where we invited Professors McLaughlin and Eppel to come and speak on behalf of their experiences within the business field. From life lessons to emphase s within the Business major, the students were able to enjoy coffee and croissants while attending the event.


We were honored to have Dr. Katzer, an Emergency Medicine Doctor and a Professor at UCI Medical Center, to come speak at our event in the different paths in medical school. Dr. Katzer also brought two medical students who were able to come and share their experiences with medical school. This event was geared towards those who wanted to pursue higher education in health sciences and those who want to be healthcare providers in the future.

As an opportunity to for students to talk to professors in a more casual setting, we hosted Dishing Up Degrees with Professors. Here we had Professors Jonathan Lui, Keith Murphy, Susan King, and Lee Kucera come to the Anteater Recreation Center mingle and cook with students. The goal was to help students develop a relationship with these professors and network with them.


Pathways in Public Health is in a collaboration with the Public Health Association. Professor Bic will come and speak to students about careers in Public Health and what students can do with the major. This event was made in hopes to help students become more engaged and excited to be a Public Health major.

Students were able to get the inside scoop from professors of the Business School and more all while making their own ice cream! Through this event, students were able to get to know faculty opinions on students, education, and just life in general.