Academic Senate Commission



Zayn Suhale
Zayn Suhale2nd Year | Biological Sciences
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Wednesdays at 3PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Sungmin Park
Sungmin Park2nd Year | Criminology & Political Science
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Wednesdays at 12PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Mission Statement

The Academic Senate commission serves to represent the undergraduate student population in UCI Academic Senate meetings. Student representatives are present to express student opinion on various policies/legislation/issues such as educational diversity, undergraduates scholarship and financial aid to name a few. Interns will also be responsible for planning “Diversity Week” in Spring Quarter to display other forms of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, etc.

The ASUCI Academic Senate serves to represent the undergraduate student population in UCI Academic Senate meetings. Interns are sent as student representatives to express student opinion on various policies/legislation/issues that the UCI Academic Senate bring up. Councils that the ASUCI Academic Senate sits on include :

Council on Educational Policy
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom
Council on Planning and Budget
Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries
Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience
Council on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools
Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors & Financial Aid
Campuswide Honors Program Board
Assessment Committee
Subcommittee on Courses & Continuing, Part-Time, & Summer Session Education
Subcommittee on International Education

Student representatives participate in discussions in UCI Academic Senate meetings that decide on policy for UCI as well as the UC system as a whole.

The information learned at UCI Academic Senate meetings is then relayed back to undergraduates so that students are informed of decisions being made by the UCI Academic Senate.

Internal work includes addressing specific issues students are concerned about on campus as well as hosting a “Diversity Week” in Spring Quarter to display other forms of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, etc.

External work that this commission does includes following decisions made by the UCI Academic Senate and working with other UC student governments to create strong student representation on every UC campus.

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For more information about the UC Academic Senate please go to :
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Sungmin Park | Commissioner
2nd Year | Criminology & Political Science

I was always interested in serving as a student leader throughout high school, but I was always too shy and frightful of standing up in front of a big crowd and accurately representing student opinion. I realized in order to pursue my future profession, I needed to slowly overcome my fears of public speaking; thus, I applied for an internship position within ASUCI and now…. I am an Academic Senate Commissioner that is in charge of representing over 33,000 students’ voices! Zayn and I plan on making Academic Senate well-known throughout not just ASUCI but also the student population. Our commission aims to create a transparent system of communication so that our we can accurately represent student interests and priorities in faculty-dominated council meetings. My goal for this year is to make sure that students with minors are able to take major restricted classes without having to wait for a prolonged time until the restrictions lift.

Zayn Suhale | Commissioner
2nd Year | Biological Sciences

Hola! My name is Zayn Suhale and I am a 2nd year BioSci major. I joined ASUCI because I wanted to innovate myself in college and I thought why not start with student government. I’m really grateful I took this gut decision because I got the opportunity to understand how ASUCI operates to make a difference to the undergraduate experience. My wonderful commissioner and fellow interns inspired me to step up as commissioner this year and I hope to justly represent the student body. In addition to increasing the awareness of Academic Senate among the student body, Sung and I intend to collaborate with members of the ASUCI Senate branch to accurately voice the concerns of each major department through the faculty council meetings our commission sit on.  Any updates on ongoing issues/policies will be discussed in our bi-quarterly reports on the ASUCI homepage.

Tiffany Stills
2nd Year  | Political Science

When I saw the app for Academic Senate before entering my first year I thought it was something very distant and non-achievable. I considered applying just so I could see the aspects of myself I’d need to work on in order to join an org like that before I could actually be accepted. The word “senate” caught my attention because of my major— political science. Once researching I found out that academic senate sat down in faculty meetings talking about student experience, and making sure faculty had students in mind when deciding upon legislation. To my surprise, I got in and have loved every second of it. What I want to accomplish is honestly our mission statement. To represent the undergraduate population in these council meetings. There’s so much that happens within these meetings that directly affect the undergrad population and making sure faculty members have students in mind when in them is very important! Therefore, I cannot wait to continue my work in this commission, making sure we are heard.

Junha Baek
4th Year | Political Science

Hi! My name is Junha Baek and I’m an intern this year in the Academic Affairs commission, specifically Academic Senate. Not going to lie I used to think Academic Senate was the only thing in Academic Affairs, but it’s so much more. I wanted to be a part of something that could be a voice for the many students, an organization that could actually implement change on the campus for all the students out there. Many students, people all around you, go through the same issues trying to “get this degree” and as a fourth year I get it, it’s tough and sometimes it feels like nothing’s ever going the right way for you. I felt this way for the past three years and this was the best thing I could think of to do anything I can for a change, to try and make life in UCI better for myself, and everyone else. I love you all, this ones for y’all.

Jeremy Bunda
3rd Year | Economics & Political Science

I was inspired to apply to ASUCI because I wanted to incorporate the diverse and unique interests of the student body to the entire UCI community. Throughout this year, I am looking forward to making a useful change in our academic system so that students can find more ways to excel in their academic careers and enjoy their educational journey while they are here at UCI!

Dylan Kao
2nd Year | Electrical Engineering

I applied to ASUCI because I wanted an experience unrelated to Engineering. I also wanted to meet new people that I would hopefully be friends with during my time here at UCI. During my time in Academic Affairs, I hope to alleviate the stress that comes during enrollment periods due to highly impacted courses.

Last year, we wanted to improve the counselor/student relationship, so we sent out a survey student wide so that students can give honest opinions about what they think of the counselors from their respective schools and how these counselors can further facilitate their academic growth. The counselors received the survey results and thought they were helpful.

Helped influence the lowering of the GPA requirement for Human Biology Major from a 3.50 to a 3.33.

Assisted with transitioning physical keys to electronic key cards in Mesa court.

Created the Shadowing program so that students can shadow one of the student representatives to actual council meetings and experience the formal procedures that take place in those meetings.