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Angeline Phan
Angeline PhanAcademic Senate Commissioner

The ASUCI Academic Senate serves to represent the undergraduate student population in UCI Academic Senate meetings. Interns are sent as student representatives to express student opinion on various policies/legislation/issues that the UCI Academic Senate bring up. Councils that the ASUCI Academic Senate sits on include :

Council on Educational Policy
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity, and Academic Freedom
Council on Planning and Budget
Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries
Council on Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience
Council on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools
Board on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors & Financial Aid
Campuswide Honors Program Board
Assessment Committee
Subcommittee on Courses & Continuing, Part-Time, & Summer Session Education
Subcommittee on International Education

Student representatives participate in discussions in UCI Academic Senate meetings that decide on policy for UCI as well as the UC system as a whole.

The information learned at UCI Academic Senate meetings is then relayed back to undergraduates so that students are informed of decisions being made by the UCI Academic Senate.

Internal work includes addressing specific issues students are concerned about on campus as well as hosting a “Diversity Week” in Spring Quarter to display other forms of diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, etc.

External work that this commission does includes following decisions made by the UCI Academic Senate and working with other UC student governments to create strong student representation on every UC campus.

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Angeline Phan

Major : Public Health Sciences

Hi everyone! My name is Angeline Phan and I am a third year majoring in Public Health Sciences. I’ve been in ASUCI for three years since I joined as a freshman, specifically in the ASUCI Academic Senate. I was an intern my first year, commissioner my second, and now returning as commissioner again for my third year. I’ve seen how much potential the ASUCI Academic Senate has and how much power it can utilize which is why I decided to stay in my position. I love what this commission does quite frankly – I love interacting with faculty in a small personal environment to create change that reflect students’ academic and personal lives. Being in this commission gives another perspective about how UCI is run. As students we always complain about classes, why a major has the restrictions it does, or why is it administration/faculty do (insert). However, being in this commission really gives another side of how decisions are actually decided upon. What we comment on as students and what we wish to happen isn’t as easy as it seems. I stayed as commissioner to help communicate to students that we are here for them, we are listening to them, and that change is possible. It just takes one voice and a bit of time.

About me as an individual : I’m obsessed with boba, I really like dogs and I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. I’m into stationery and anything involving getting my life together and accomplishing the tasks I have set in place.

I can be contacted by email ( and and in person. Reach out to me if you need anything!


Mondays: 12PM-1PM

Additional office hours can be made by appointment.