Academic Advocacy Commission

Academic Advocacy is a commission that aims to support the prominent concerns of the student body. Each year projects pushed through this commission will change depending on what support students need to ensure a healthy and successful experience at UCI.
This year, the commission is focused on: decreasing costs of academic resources, researching in mental health specifically related to college academics and providing various resources on standardized test prep. This commission will execute the pertinent projects needed to improve the UCI student experience.
Event information coming soon!

Academic Advocacy Liaisons

Zayn Suhale
Zayn SuhaleMental Health Advocacy Commissioner
Hiiii my name is Zayn and I am one half of the Academic Advocacy Commissioners for the 2019-2020 year! I’m going to be a 3rd year Bio major and am also a commuter from Anaheim (so I understand the struggle for both worlds lol). With the little free time I get, I love to spend it with family or hang out with friends. I also keep up with basketball (ayyy #LakerNation) and can unhealthily binge any show lmao. Some of my faves include Parks and Rec, Stranger Things, and a couple of Kdramas!

I’ve been apart of this commission (formerly known as Academic Senate) since my freshman year and understand the importance of its role is to the student body. My primary goal this year is to raise more awareness of this commission’s function to the student body and collaborate on some projects with Visions Leadership and Academic Resources!

Michael Nyugen
Michael NyugenAcademic Resources Assistant Commissioner
Hi, my name is Michael Nguyen, and my pronouns are he, him, his. I am from the 909, so if you know where the Inland Empire is shouts out to you! I love studying the American education system and figuring out the ways I can improve it. Hence, I am apart of Academic Advocacy: to better the academic life of students here at UCI.

Academic Advocacy Interns