Academic Advocacy

What is Academic Advocacy?

Academic Advocacy is is a commission that serves to represent the undergraduate student population in UCI Academic Senate meetings. Student representatives are present to express student opinion on various policies/legislation/issues such as educational diversity, undergraduates scholarship and financial aid to name a few. Academic Advocacy aims to relay the most prominent concerns of the student body to the Academic Senate and other UCI faculty members. What is pushed through this commission each year will change depending on the academic concerns of students. As of 2019, this commission was rebranded from ASUCI Academic Senate to ASUCI Academic Advocacy for the following reasons:

  1. To clear confusion within the student body about the function between ASUCI Senate Branch and this commission.
  2. To emphasize the role of our commission’s mission to represent the student body as academic advocates in UCI Academic Senate Councils and Committees.

Academic Advocacy Commissioners

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