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2018-2019 Mentors

Antleader Mentorship Program, Mentor Application 2018-2019

Antleader Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Antleader Mentorship Program is to ease the transition and build leadership skills for freshmen and transfer students to UCI. AMP is a student-run, student-led program sponsored by Associated Students of University of California, Irvine (ASUCI). AMP focuses on the development and overall well-being of all students within the program. AMP provides an expansive network of students spanning a multitude of involvements, organizations, and campus departments. Under the aid and supervision of trained mentors, this program is a community dedicated to leading students towards academic success and campus involvement. The program’s engaging workshops, socials, and one-to-one mentorship motivate students to strive for their individual aspiration. The goal of the Antleader Mentorship Program is to create well-rounded, responsible student leaders in hope of creating a better and brighter world.



  • Gain access to exclusive knowledge that only our workshops and mentors can provide
  • Create a network on campus
  • Gain exposure to professionals in Advertising, Health Care, Law, Business, etc.
  • Build self-confidence, leadership and communication skills
  • Practice your interview skills, draft a resume, and learn how to become involved both on and off campus
  • 1-on-1 peer mentorship with students of similar major and interest
  • Provides an outlet for creativity and promotes school spirit
  • Socials/Community events that can serve as an alternative study break
  • Learn about available on-campus resources
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills
  • Receive 1.3 units each quarter for enrolling in the class

Who is eligible to apply?

AMP is committed to the smooth transition of all incoming students for their first year at UCI. Our program is also geared towards low income, first-generation college students. However, anyone is welcome to apply to be mentees as long as they are an incoming first year student at UCI.

How are mentees selected into the program?

Once you’ve submitted an application, AMP Commission, a board of 14 student leaders in the program, will review your application. Applicants are then chosen through a variety of criteria based on interest and need for the program.

When will I hear back about my decision into the program?

Expect to hear back from us around week 2 of Fall Quarter. All decisions should be sent out by the end of week 2.

How many mentees will be selected to be in the program?

Due to our size and limited resources and one-on-one mentorship, our program can only accommodate as many mentees as our mentors.

What are the time commitments for this program?

Mentees must attend a 1.3 unit, Pass/No Pass course that meets once a week for 2-3 hrs. Additionally, mentees are asked to interact with their respective mentor throughout the year.

Is the class required?

Class is mandatory! Mentees are required to enroll in the class for both Fall and Winter in order to be considered into the program. Alternative options to class will only be provided if there is a dire circumstance or if scheduling conflicts arise later on in the quarter.

What kinds of AMP community events are there?

AMP wide community events are student made and student run. Mentees and mentors will engage in a variety of events such as UCI sponsored events (i.e. Summerlands, Shocktoberfest, Soulstice), movie nights, community service events, food runs, holiday themed socials, competitive sports and other socials mentees/mentors would like to see happen in the program.


Are AMP community events mandatory?

AMP Community events are part of your grade. Mentees and mentors are encouraged to attend all socials/community events so that you may not only earn points toward your grade, but to also have the opportunity to meet all the other mentees/mentors. Unless a good reason is given we expect a good amount of participation. If you are unable to attend a social you must inform us a few days in advance in which case we may allow a make-up assignment.

How do mentor/mentee pairings work? Will I get a new mentor every quarter?

We try to pair up mentors and mentees that will work best with each other to the best of our ability. Mentors and mentees are typically paired in a 1:1 ratio, and no more than a 1:2 ratio. In order to establish a stable relationship, each mentee will be paired with their mentor for the duration of the entire school year. However, mentees are also encouraged to make connections with the other mentors in the program.

What do you learn in AMP?

The class will consist of two main components: acclimating to life at UCI and building leadership skills. In the fall quarter, mentees in the program will learn about the different resources on campus, housing options for the next year, how to become involved in the multitude of clubs/orgs, leadership topics (i.e. Communicating styles, stress and time management, how to stay healthy and healthy minded, etc) as well as bolstering student behavior and mannerisms to be more acclimated to a professional work environment and expectations. Winter Quarter is focused on learning about different communities here at UCI and how you can be a part of one. Topics in winter quarter also may include: Cultural awareness, Campus Climate, Identity and Purpose, etc.

How is a typical day in class?

A typical day can vary from many different topics/activities. Class activities may range from getting to know one another through fun icebreakers and discussions to student-led seminars teaching about various University 101 topics (i.e. leadership, cultural awareness, etc).

Is this a year-long commitment?

Mentees who apply and are accepted into the program will be committed to the program for both Fall and Winter quarters. Applications to become an AMP mentor are released in Winter quarter and training begins in Spring quarter.

If I want to become a future mentor, where can I apply for this position?

Applications for mentors come out Winter Quarter and decisions are made the following Spring Quarter.

Meet Antleader Mentorship Program Commission


The goal of the AMP commission is to effectively accomplish the program’s mission statement through the multimodal aspects of media, community building, productive workshop opportunities, and unity through intimate spaces. Each role on AMP commission coordinates specific projects that cater to the students in the program by giving space to the mentors and mentees in order to successfully search for what they need. The core five aspects of our coordinating team are Media and Publicity, Workshops, Lead Mentors, Community, and Commissioners. Each subcommittee works together to incorporate empathy and understanding in order to provide, but not limited to, free personalized mentee handbooks, workshops on college tips and social issues, interpersonal spaces to discuss intimate issues, and larger events to bring the program together. Each subcommittee provides innovative resources, respective to their roles, to aid each student for them to excel through empathy and passion at their own pace.