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Speakers Commission


Sani Ghahremanians
Sani GhahremaniansSpeakers Commissioner
Ben Hung
Ben HungSpeakers Commissioner
Nasir Asad
Nasir AsadSpeakers Assistant Commissioner

Mission Statement: 

Speakers Commission is dedicated to expanding the perspectives of, motivating and inspiring students by bringing speakers of various backgrounds and professions to UCI. These events are hosted with the intention of providing new perspectives to the audience, connecting students with their passions and the experiences of others, and broadening the horizons of the student body as a whole.

Sani Ghahremanians

Major: Political Science

Bio: Hello, hello! My name is Sani and I’m super excited to be one of the Speakers Commissioners for this school year. What I personally want to accomplish as Speakers commissioner this year is to bring a speaker that students are not only excited to have on campus, but also a speaker that is able to utilize the platform we provide for them to truly enrich the experience of students on campus. I hope that this year the Speakers commission is able to bring speakers that truly influence the lives of students. I think that the Speakers commission has the potential to make a positive, resounding impact on the lives of students given the platform we have and that’s a potential I hope we live up to this year. Looking forward to an amazing school year, zot zot!

Ben Hung

Major: Psychology

Bio: Hello! my name is Ben and I will be going into my third year at UCI. One of the goals as a commissioner is to host memorable and impactful events to a broad and large audience. I also want to use these events to connect with students and provide a medium for students to be aware of different perspectives and experiences.

Nasir Asad

Major: Political Science/ International Studies

Bio: Hello everyone, my name is Nasir and I am going into my second year here at UCI. Given that I will be at UCI for the next three years, I hope to see Speakers Commission transformed into a more recognizable part of ASUCI and the UCI student experience. One of the goals I would like to see is to have beneficial, varied, and meaningful speakers share their experiences and perspectives with the student body in an intentional way. Since we host large-scale events, I would also like to see our commission be a channel that entices students to become involved on campus and in student government. I am unbelievably excited for this year and all of the possibilities it comes with!



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