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Lannhi Nguyen
Lannhi Nguyen3rd Year | Biological Sciences
She / Her / Hers

Tuesdays at 3PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Christine Ejanda
Christine Ejanda3rd Year | Public Health Policy & Asian American Studies Minor
She / Her / Hers

Mondays at 2PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Mission Statement

The Speakers commission’s purpose is to bring speakers to campus that will promote and create dialogue among the student body on topics that are usually not talked about or highly stigmatized. We host a quarterly “Zot Talks” event beginning Winter Quarter, in which we aspire to bring a speaker from a diverse background that can lead and facilitate a discussion among our student body. Through our events, we hope that UCI students can feel inspired and empowered to approach their academic aspirations in a new light and perspective.

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Christine Ejanda | Commissioner
4th Year | Public Health Policy &  Asian American Studies Minor

I applied for ASUCI, specifically the Speakers Commission because I believe in the potential that it has in sparking discussion and dialogue among the student body on topics that are often stigmatized or unheard of. During my third year at UCI, I was fortunate enough to become an intern for the commission, and during my time as an intern, I was able to witness the effect of the speakers that we brought to campus. Talking about non-traditional career routes with Worth It and toxic masculinity with Terry Crews really gave the students hope and inspiration. It reminded them that despite the struggle that they are facing now in regards to their career paths and daily lives, it’ll be okay and eventually work out in the end.

What I hope to accomplish in ASUCI: I hope that for the upcoming year, Speakers and all of ASUCI in general can accomplish even bigger and greater things in order to help and raise the voices of those that may feel like they are unheard on the UCI campus. For my commission specifically, I hope to be able to continue the momentum that we started in the past year and bring more speakers that can inspire and spark a discussion among the student body. As well as creating a more proactive role for our commission members in order for them to be able to take on the position if they choose to apply for the next year.

Lannhi Nguyen | Commissioner
3rd Year | Biological Sciences

When I first began my experience at UCI, the one main advise given to me was to get involved. However, I was unable to find an activity that would suit my interests. Eventually I ended up joining ASUCI as a speakers intern where I was able to find a group of people with a common goal of advocating for the student body. Being a part of this group has allowed me to witness the opportunities and changes brought to this school for the students by the students. This idea of student advocacy inspires me to continue working with a group that creates an open environment for the students.

My goals for the Speaker’s Commission this year is to continue bringing in diverse speakers that can speak about topics ranging from concerns of unrepresented students to issues of diversity. I hope these discussions will inspire advocacy and change to the student body’s atmosphere ensuring that the unheard voices ring. In addition, my goal as a co-commissioner is to help create a family oriented community within the Academic Affair group and ASUCI.

Emily Phan
2nd Year | Psychology & Social Behavior

I applied to ASUCI because I wanted to share my abilities and contributions more to our campus and saw ASUCI as a great platform to do so. The quality of work and the members of this organization are very admirable, giving me the challenge to meet such expectations for myself. I strive to make a difference on campus by putting my efforts into making a more open, safe and diverse environment for students to be able to have opportunities to nurture their emotional and physical well-beings. I hope to be able to help students find their own voice and identities to enable them to instill a sense of confidence and motivation in themselves to strive for their best futures.

Kyle Kim
2nd Year | Business Administration

After not participating in any extracurriculars my first year, I came into my second year looking for involvements and a way to making a meaningful contribution to the school. Since I was heavily involved with student government in high school, I though ASUCI would be the perfect place for me. I applied to the Speakers Commission specifically because I wanted to help bring different and unique voices to the school. Too often, people are only exposed to similar opinions or voices as their’s. I want to bring people that can challenge UCI’s thoughts or predisposed ideas. The only way we grow as people is by constantly learning and questioning what we already know. A goal I have this year is to create more opportunities for those who feel like their voices or opinions are not heard. I truly believe I can accomplish this goal this year through my involvement with ASUCI and the Speakers Commission.

Jek Maglalang
3rd Year | Biological Sciences & Political Science

I applied to ASUCI because I’ve always wanted to be a part of student government. This will be my first year on ASUCI, and it’s nice to experience something new and get to work with different people. Some of the goals I would like to accomplish are to bring speakers that represent the student population and can give our students a better understanding of issues that some of us may face. I hope through the Speakers commission to educate and empower these topics and give our school that sense of awareness it needs.

Jasmine Lopez-Logan
4th Year | Sociology, Political Science & Art History Minor

Alexis Urias
4th Year | Film and Media Studies & Sociology

Paramdeep Atwal
3rd Year | Computer Science

I applied to Speakers with the main goal to enrich the lives of others by being able to engage in dialogue and discourse regarding things that are not conventionally taught or talked about. I personally believe that there is a remarkable amount to learn and gain from immersing yourself with such opportunities. I want to be able to empower others to experience life in all the different ways they can learn from it.

Additionally, I would also like to provide a distinct perspective to view the world through, one where the invaluable beauty of our uniqueness and individuality is acknowledged and appreciated. Of course, with this amazing privilege to work with such talented and gifted individuals, I also hope to challenge myself and continue to further cultivate my own growth and expand the lens that I see the world through. At last, I hope we have a great time making an even greater impact, yeet 😉

Odorico San Nicolas
3rd Year | Public Health Policy & Educational Sciences

When I decided to apply to ASUCI, I was really just looking for something to fill up my schedule. However, what I got out of it was a space that presented itself as home and newfound friends that soon became family. Through the Office of Academic Affairs, I have been presented with challenges and experiences that bring visibility to my curiosities surrounding the intersection of students and administration on college campuses. As a student leader on this campus, I hope to utilize opportunities and spaces like ASUCI to support and empower students on the Irvine campus to set and accomplish their individual goals.