The Visions Leadership Course



Cyrille Bautista
Cyrille Bautista5th Year | Psychology and Social Behavior & Criminology, Law and Society
She / Her / Hers

Tuesdays at 11AM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office

Caitlin Lee
Caitlin Lee3rd Year | Biological Sciences
She / Her / Hers

Tuesdays at 2PM at the ASUCI Academic Affairs Office


Visions Leadership is a two-quarter leadership and professional development program with the goal of planning and implementing advocacy projects to enhance the student experience on campus. Our two-quarter program involves a weekly class that uses a broad range of speakers and engaging professional and student-led workshops. Throughout the program, students are provided with support and opportunities for personal growth through interpersonal mentorship groups. Through the advocacy projects created by accepted mentees, students will improve their leadership skills in effective communication, presentation, public speaking, and conflict resolution. By the end of both quarters, mentors and mentees alike will build connections to a network of peers and be knowledgeable of available resources on campus.

Visions Leadership Program

Visions Leadership is a 1.3 unit class that uses a broad range of speakers and engaging workshops as a foundation to aim to educate our students on topics such as communication, presentation, and conflict resolution skills. We intend to serve as a resource to our students through interpersonal mentorship. Each student will be placed in a mentorship group that will guide and support them throughout the quarter. Visions also provide an environment for students to exercise their full potential by practicing what they learned through an advocacy project, shadowing project, and reinforcement activities. The various workshops, presentations, and activities held in Visions are what builds our students into leaders.

Course Overview:

Visions Leadership is an ASUCI-led course designed to educate and act as a resource for students who want to further develop their leadership skills through a class. At the end of the course, students will enhance their leadership abilities in an environment where they build the confidence through achieving the personal goal that they set for themselves at the beginning of the quarter.

In the Winter Quarter, students will choose and develop their advocacy project for final presentation in the Spring Quarter. The Winter Quarter will focus heavily on various workshops and project preparation. In the Spring Quarter, students will prepare to present their final project, present the project to a panel, and thus implement the project for the remaining time

Caitlin Lee | Commissioner
3rd Year | Biological Sciences

I first got involved in ASUCI my first year in Spring Quarter as a mentee for Visions Leadership, and I served as a mentor/intern my second year. It was my first involvement at UCI where I was able to meet and make connections with such driven and genuine individuals. Prior to joining this program, I had never been a part of something that made it possible to bring my ideas to life and implement them on campus. Through Visions Leadership, I have seen the passion that people have to improve student life and the positive impact that this program has on our student body.

As a co-commissioner for Visions Leadership this year, I hope to continue the success that our program has been able to achieve this past year, as the whole direction of Visions changed for the better through the hard work of the commissioners and interns last year. Overall, I hope to establish and spread awareness for what our program offers and has contributed in the past. Another goal of mine is to make sure that everyone involved in Visions Leadership and Academic Affairs feels a strong sense of community and inclusivity. Cyrille and I also hope to continue the execution of previous projects that got passed as well get all of our advocacy projects this year passed and funded.  

Cyrille Bautista | Commissioner
5th Year | Psychological Sciences / Criminology Law and Society

Prior to being commissioner, I was a mentee and mentor under this program. Being a part of Visions Leadership and Academic Affairs has helped me become more confident in myself and my abilities as a leader. Grateful for the opportunities and people I met here, I wanted to give back what I was taking in from UCI. Visions gave me a platform to use my experiences as an undergrad to improve the student experience in small, incremental ways.

I want to use the momentum and success from last year’s class to produce as many projects as we can while ensuring student’s voices are heard. We want to enhance the academic and social environment in UCI by listening to their criticisms and creating feasible solutions for them. Caitlin and I are privileged to  work with such enterprising students and want to make sure we can provide a community where our mentors and mentees can thrive and learn from another. Through this, we hope to increase visibility for this program and garner genuine interest and passion in prospective interns.

Anna Kim
2nd Year | Public Health Policy & Management Minor

Hello future mentees!!!  I’m Anna and it’s an honor to serve as one of your 2018-19 Visions Leadership mentors 🙂

My hometown is Fullerton in OC, my Myers-Brigg personality type ESFJ-T, and the biggest misconception about myself is the intimidation that comes with my height.  As basic as it is, my actual literal actual favorite place in the world is the beach, my favorite meme is Arthur’s fist, and my favorite thing to do in my free time is laugh HAHAHAHHA.

A year ago, I blindly applied to the program, mainly looking to get more involved on campus.  Throughout the two quarters I was involved in Visions as a mentee, I was able to strengthen my professional and teambuilding skills by collectively working with my advocacy project team to create and implement a goal that we enVISIONed (laugh) – a ring mall directory app called UCI Now (check it out in the App store).  However, I was definitelynot expecting to leave with a sense of belongingness to a group of ambitious individuals I call my friends, role models, and family :’)

With that being said, I am soooOo excited to come back as a mentor to shower you with the guidance and support that my own mentor provided for me during my first year of college!!  I can’t wait to watch you all grow as individuals, professionals, and my cute mentees!!!  Best of luck and see yall soon <3

Philip Ha
2nd Year | Criminology, Law and Society & PSB Minor

Hey there! I am from the High Desert, specifically Victorville (There’s nothing out here don’t worry you aren’t missing out). Some things I enjoy doing include: Gym, Cooking, Listening to music, and Watching sports.

As a previous mentee, I had an enjoyable experience which was both eventful and enriching. Transitioning, I want to give the same back to all of you! As a mentor, I want to establish a cohesive relationship in which we may learn from one another, and one where I can help you both personally and professionally!

Francesca Querol
3rd Year | Public Health Sciences

Hi! My name is Francesca and I’m an incoming 3rd year Public Health major! I am a gemini, INFJ, Hufflepuff, waterbender (wannabe earthbender) all in one. I love books and karaoke and dumplings and chocolate. I also like watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, Studio Ghibli films, Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Filipino teleseryes, and k-dramas. Basically, anything that has a fandom – I’m probably part of it LOL. To my future mentees: I hope to grow with you throughout your time in Visions (and onward)! It feels almost weird to consider myself a mentor when I know there’s just as much to learn from you as there is to learn from all of us, but I promise I’ll be there to support and guide you the whole way – whether it’s through spontaneous boba trips or providing emotional support during those extra stressful nights.

Amberly Thai
3rd Year | Public Health Policy

Hi yall! My name is Amberly. I’m from the 626 and this is my second year in Academic Affairs under Vision Leadership! I’m a total foodie and I love love love ice cream and boba, though I am kind of lactose intolerant. I love to Netflix and some current shows I’ve finished binge watching are Friends, New Girl, Fuller House, Jane the Virgin, and currently watching Orange is the New Black! On my free time, I also try to stay active by swimming. I’ve swam since I was 8 years old and swam all four years of highschool! I want to be able to guide my mentees both through Visions as well as life in general, whether from past or future experiences. I want to be able to learn from my mentees as they will learn from me! Future mentees, get ready for an adventure with me!!

Name: Sarah Ashrafi
4th Year | English

Hey yall! My name is Sarah and I am a fourth year English major from the Chino Hills area, super close to DB. I was previously a mentee in Visions Leadership, which I applied to just to become more active on campus and absolutely loved the experience! Im ecstatic to be working as a mentor for you all in the upcoming quarters!! To tell you a bit about myself I am a book-worm, i love to draw, write, swim, cook… all the fun generic stuff. I am an absolutely impulsive person when it comes to adventures, plan skydiving, kayaking, parasailing and I’m there! One thing I learned through my experience as a mentee in Visions Leadership is that the relationships we create are long-lasting. Not only do you create a bond with someone on campus who can help guide you, but you gain a friend for life. I hope to be by your side through thick and thin and make memories that are unforgettable. I cannot wait to see you all prosper and grow as students and as an individual. My goal is to give to you as amazing of an experience that I received as a mentee. I look forward to meeting you all! <3

Tommy Yee
2nd Year | Business Administration

Hey y’all, my name’s Thomas, but you can call me Tommy. I’m currently an incoming second year Business Administration major here at UCI. As for a little about myself, I come from a small suburb in the East Bay Area called Moraga. (if you’ve ever seen St. Mary’s in March Madness. I live less than 5 minutes away from there!) Some of my hobbies include swimming, working out, following the NBA and cooking!

At its core, Visions Leadership uses two quarters to tackle an Advocacy Project and help mentees become their best possible selves through in-depth workshops. You may be wondering what exactly this Project entails. If you have heard of the ‘UCI Now’ app, this interactive map of Ring Mall was published by my Visions family group to improve our campus last year. I look forward to meeting and mentoring you guys!

Richard Huynh
2nd Year | Biological Sciences

Hi friends! My name is Richard and I’m from the Bay Area. I’m your average college kid who likes Studio Ghibli, Avatar, animes, and watching Netflix (would be so down for a wholesome movie night). I’m a big Drag Race fan, play League, drink lemon water from my cute yellow hydroflask. I love food: KBBQ, hot pot, Viet food, tacos, etc. I enjoy quality time with friends, quoting vines, looking for memes, watercoloring, cooking, and drinking/spilling some [boba] tea. In all seriousness, I hope as a mentor I’ll use my experiences as a student to help be a resource on campus, support you through tough times, and provide a quality friendship with you all.

Robin Allas
3rd year | Public Health Policy & Business Management Minor

Hello all! I’m Robin and I’m so excited for this year as a Visions mentor. I enjoy boba, makeup, fashion, and all kinds of music. I am super open to different things, where I can definitely see myself mentoring some super cool people who do decide to join this program! I was deemed this role as a mentor  last year, and fell in love with everything that Visions stands for, hence why I am here for another year of growth and success within this organization! I am hyped to hopefully meet you all soon, I can guarantee you that joining this program is life changing. Not only will you make lasting friends through this organization, but you will also learn so many life skills that you really can’t learn in the lecture hall! Whoever my mentees will be, I hope you are ready to be spoiled with my love, gifts, support and everlasting need for attention LOL. Let’s grow together not only as professionals in our respective workforces, but also as bffs who can do face masks together and sing High School Musical songs!

Levys Juarez
2nd Year | Public Health Sciences

Hi! My name is Levys and yes, it’s pretty similar to the jeans brand Levi’s®. I’m from Pomona, but was born in Los Angeles. I’m a 2nd year majoring in public health sciences, aspiring to minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. A few things about me: I play the alto sax, I like going to the beach, I play tennis, and enjoy going on adventures. I was once a mentee for Visions Leadership and it’s something I don’t regret. I took advantage of an extraordinary opportunity and got many great things out of it. I met amazing individuals, had an astounding & caring mentor, my team and I were able to promote self-love & self-care through our advocacy project, the list goes on, but most importantly I grew as a leader/individual. I’m thrilled to be a mentor for Visions this year to some amazing, unique, bright individuals! I will put my best effort to help my future mentees grow as leaders/individuals, provide them with helpful advice, encourage them in anything they want to accomplish, and create a strong mentor-mentee relationship.

Rebecca Mindel
3rd Year | Business Information Management & Film Minor

Hello!! My name is Rebecca and I’m so excited to meet all our future mentees! I’m from the Bay Area and I love deep talks, using food as an excuse to hang out, & crying about grey’s anatomy (jk but fr talk to me about tv). I like musicals and I can not do horror (traumatized after ahs roanoke). Being a Visions mentee and doing the advocacy project (UCI NOW app) was a really special part of my second year. I hope to be as supportive as my mentors were, and have a fun & fulfilling friendship with my mentees 🙂 I believe we all can learn from each other and grow as leaders and individuals. I’m here to support you all so don’t hesitate to reach out (excited to meet you YAY) !!

Chloe Kasozi
2nd Year | Environmental Science and Policy & French Minor

Helloo! my name is Chloe’ Kasozi I’m a 1st generation Ugandan American, who lives in the IE, bless the bottle you know how we dooo haha. I first heard about Visions leadership last year, through a friend and I decided to apply and it’s been an insanely eye-opening learning experience. Working together with my team on an advocacy project, doing tangible, campus-driven work that we could point and say’ woah we did that’ is one of the coolest things I’ve accomplished here at UCI.

More about me? Well, I love being outdoors, the beach, the desert the mountains, just exploring places I’ve never been before. My mentality is truly leave no stone unturned. I don’t like avocado and melons, they just simply don’t exist to me. My Myers-Brigg type is ENFP which means a loooot of things, but the abridged version is! I’m energetic, observant and super friendly. I love shows like Blindspot, Psych, New Girl, and the Good Doctor have an obsession with matcha lemonade, I also love love traveling. Live music, concerts and anything that has to do with music is my actual jam. I’m always down to discover new artists and go out to concerts and I’m excited to learn more about you through your music taste! And if you must know I have a certain affinity for life, so much to see, do, experience and I can’t wait to do it with you all through visions, But yeah! Can’t wait to meet you and make bomb memories together, see you so soon!


  • ZotCharge
    These are portable chargers available for check-out for free with a UCI Student ID which are available at Langson Library starting Fall 2018!
  • Wellness and Health Center Stock
    One of Visions Leadership’s projects increased the stock and variety of free pads at the Student Health and Wellness Center, all accessible with a UCI Student ID.
  • Rain Coats
    These rain coats are available for free with a UCI Student ID and are accessible at the Middle Earth Mailroom, Mesa Court Mailroom, and Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion.
  • UCI Now Application 
    This application is a directory of clubs and their locations that allows students to be more informed and involved with student organizations. There is an interactive map of Ring Mall that gives students hands-on access to different events on Ring Mall (including location of club, what they are selling, and what time they will be boothing).
  • Just the Way You Are
    This is a self-care initiative and booth during Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a partnership with Active Minds and aimed at promoting self-love, an issue that many college students are struggling with and looking to improve today.


  • Study Room Reservation System
    This is an online system in which UCI students, staff, and faculty can reserve and see the availability of private study rooms at our libraries.