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The Visions Leadership Course

Mission Statement:  

Visions Leadership is a 1.3 unit class that uses a broad range of speakers and engaging workshops as a foundation to aim to educate our students on topics such as communication, presentation, and conflict resolution skills. We intend to serve as a resource to our students through interpersonal mentorship. Each student will be placed in a mentorship group that will guide and support them throughout the quarter. Visions also provide an environment for students to exercise their full potential by practicing what they learned through an advocacy project, shadowing project, and reinforcement activities. The various workshops, presentations, and activities held in Visions are what builds our students into leaders.

Course Overview:

Visions Leadership is an ASUCI-led course designed to educate and act as a resource for students who want to further develop their leadership skills through a class. At the end of the course, students will enhance their leadership abilities in an environment where they build the confidence through achieving the personal goal that they set for themselves at the beginning of the quarter.

In the Winter Quarter, students will choose and develop their advocacy project for final presentation in the Spring Quarter. The Winter Quarter will focus heavily on various workshops and project preparation. In the Spring Quarter, students will prepare to present their final project, present the project to a panel, and thus implement the project for the remaining time.

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Christina Yue

Major: Business Economics

Bio: Hi everyone, my name is Christina Yue and I am a 2nd-year Business Economics major. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and I am always down to eat. Something about me is that I’m obsessed with taking naps and working out. With that said, I am very excited to be one of the commissioners for Visions this school year. I hope to achieve the goals I have set for myself as a commissioner, as well as the long-term goals Peter and I have set for the upcoming year. Some of these goals include getting to know people beyond the surface level in both the office and the commission; as well as making sure I create a safe and welcoming environment for the interns and mentees in Visions Leadership.

Peter Trejo

Major: Biological Sciences

Bio: Hello, my name is Peter Trejo and I am a 3rd year Bio Sci major. I am from Oceanside, California which is in the northern part of San Diego County. A little bit about myself is that I am a huge Arizona sports fan and I play video games whenever I have the chance to. I enjoy visiting home often to play with my two dogs King and Mona. I also go home to progress on building my second 57 Bel-Air with my father as well as to eat my mother’s world famous cooking. My goal for this school year is to make Visions Leadership a class where students learn leadership, public speaking, professional, and teamworking skills that they will use as building blocks to pursue their academic and career goals. As well, I want to inspire each student and intern to continue their involvement as student leaders here on campus where they too can make an impact on others.

Robin Allas

Year and Major(s): Second/Public Health Policy

Goals as a mentor: I hope to not only grow close to my future mentees both in a friendship-type of bond as well as the professional-type of bond, but also grow as an individual in the process. I hope that I will learn from my mentees as much as they learn from me so it will be an enriching experience for the both of us! To whoever my future mentees will be: I hope y’all are ready to get spoiled with my knowledge/love/snacks/study dates/adventures!!

Other involvements/work: Public Relations Coordinator of the Pilipino Pre-Health Undergraduate Student Organization, Focus Group Facilitator for the UCI Center for Student Wellness and Health Promotion, Kababayan at UCI (General Member)

Cyrille Bautista

Year and Major(s): 4th year, Psychology and Social Behavior & Criminology, Law, and Society double major

Goals as a mentor: To help you come into your own as a leader. I can’t tell you what to do but guide you into being your best professional self. I see our mentorship as a growing experience for the both of us so, I’m excited to get to know you! Although this is a professional program, I hope that we can get to know each other outside of that sphere and hang out. If you need someone to talk to, work out with, eat or whatever else, I’m your gal!

Other involvements/work: Accounts payable intern for a real estate investment company (wow this sounds so adult lol)

Pauline Lao

Year and Major(s): Third-year, Business Economics/Accounting Minor

Goals as a mentor: As a mentor, I hope to be someone you can come to when you are in need of a lending hand or a shoulder to lean on. I hope to be able to help and guide you in anyway possible, share with you my existing knowledge and experiences in life, and to be there for you when you need me. And above all, I hope to not only be a mentor, but be a friend where we can grow, learn, and have fun together! I look forward to meeting y’all!! 😊

Other involvements/work: Resident Housing Association Intern in Student Housing, Administrative Intern Program, Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Association

Caitlin Lee

Year and Major(s): Second-year, Biological Sciences

Goals as a mentor: To my future mentee: As a mentor, I hope to be someone that can always be there for you, no matter what situation or time of day. I hope you can always feel safe and comfortable enough with me to talk about anything because I will never judge. I hope to develop a real friendship with you as well as be a figure who will do their best to give advice and guidance. I know that we will both better our personal selves as well in our professionalism and public speaking. I am excited to meet you, grow with you, and learn from you!

Other involvements/work: Pi Beta Phi

Jacklyn Liu

Year and Major(s): 4th year Bio Sci

Goals as a mentor: What I hope to gain at the end of this program is the satisfaction of knowing that I was always there for my mentees inside and out of Visions. I’m all for the bonds that I hope to make and never break. Hopefully, I’ll have some wise advice to give y’all when you need it but most importantly I want my mentees to gain more than just a mentor but a friend they can come to for anything.

Other involvements/work: Karate for All, Rose/Mueller Lab Research

Maria Mapoy

Year and Major(s): Second year, Undecided/ Undeclared

Goals as a mentor: As a mentor, I hope to be someone who makes you feel secure if you ever feel lost.

Other involvements/work: Tennis camp counselor/instructor

Amrita Shergill

Year and Major(s): 3rd year, International Studies/Poli Sci major/Latin American Studies minor

Goals as a mentor: As a mentor, I hope to help my mentees develop skills and reach personal goals that will allow them to reach further growth within themselves and in their future. I want to make new friendships and serve as a trustworthy role model and friend for all incoming mentees. I want to make Visions a better place, and I want it to become a second home for all mentees and mentors- one will with lots of memories, growth, and valuable lessons (also cute candids and lots of boba dates). Get ready mentees, because I’m ready for you!

Other involvements/work: Gamma Phi Beta, VIP chair member with CARE, Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative

Amberly Thai

Year and Major(s): Second year, Public Health Policy

Goals as a mentor: As I mentor, I hope that both my mentees and I will grow together and hope to create both a mentor and friendship type of bond. I want my mentees to be comfortable enough to come to me when they want someone to talk to and to know that I will be there for them. I want to be able to guide my mentees both through Visions as well as life in general, whether from past or future experiences. Future mentees, get ready for an adventure with me!!

Other involvements/work: Alpha Phi Omega, Chinese Association (general member)

Anh Tran

Year and Major(s): 2nd Year Public Health Sciences

Goals as a mentor: As a mentor, I hope to bond with as many people as possible by learning about everyone and their stories 🙂 Gradually expanding my social circle has made me grow as an person as I was able to meet many amazing individuals who have shaped my perspectives and boosted my confidence. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking to you all so we can learn and grow together! To my future mentees: I hope you’re prepared to have a needy af mentor <3 <3

Other involvements/work: Cross Cultural Center Volunteer, St. Joseph Hospital ER volunteer, Flying Samaritans

Vinh Truong

Year and Major(s): Second year, Computer Science

Goals as a mentor: I know it sounds cheesy but I want to be able to teach and learn from all of you! Whether it’s talking about our lives or random late night talks, I can’t wait to be able to meet all of y’all and make new bonds. I’ll make sure that your Visions experience is the amazing and make sure that you get some great memories from us .

Other involvements/work: ACM

Daniel Ung

Year and Major(s): 2nd Year, Environmental Science -> Public Health Policy

Goals as a mentor: My goal as a mentor is to help my mentees find their place in college. I was a lost and confused child when I joined Visions last year, but after my time in the program I found several places that I could call home. Of course, as college students, we are here first for our education, but I want to cement the idea that that is not the only reason. We spend some much time and energy here so that we can become future leaders, inventors, and revolutionaries to make this world a better place. Your time in college should be spent discovering who you are and where your place is in this world. I will spend night and day to make sure that my future mentees reach this, with me by their side every step of the way!

Other involvements/work: Alpha Phi Omega

Application Status:

Currently closed. Please check back with us Fall 2018. For further questions, please contact us.