Associated Students - University of California, Irvine

Academic Affairs: Academic Senate Commission Application

The ASUCI Academic Senate sends student representatives to various UCI Academic Senate council meetings to create a more open and transparent space between administration/faculty and the student body. During these meetings, student representatives voice the student body opinion in any issues or legislation brought up. Information discussed in meetings is relayed back to the students to promote transparency and to gain more public opinion on issues decided for UCI. Those chosen for this position will learn how to interact with administration/faculty in a professional manner that best represents the undergraduate student body. In addition to attending council meetings, the ASUCI Academic Senate also hosts a yearly "Diversity Week" in which interns oversee events that bring awareness towards diversity on campus. Interns will also tackle issues that affect the student body to create a more open and positive environment on campus. External work in this commission includes understanding how the Academic Senate works in relation to the UC Office of the President and the Board of Reagents and how the UCI division of the Academic Senate works in relation with the systemwide Academic Senate.