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Elections Commission 2018-2019 Deputy Commissioner/Intern Application

The role of the Elections commission is to facilitate and supervise all ASUCI Elections and ensure that they are carried out in a legal and fair manner in accordance to ASUCI’s governing documents. It is also the commission's responsibility to promote student voter turnout

Elections Interns will:
1. - Help Brainstorm new and innovative ideas to encourage students to vote
2. - Read and understand the Elections code in its entirety
3. - Remain neutral throughout the entire election process
4. - Help monitor candidates to ensure they are following the rules of the elections code
5. - Assist the commissioner during the mandatory candidate meetings
6. - Undergo training for approaching and speaking to students while boothing, tabling, and fliering
7. - Handout fliers before and during the elections cycle
8. - Assist the commissioner during the candidates public forum(s)
9. - Sign up for at least 3 one hour Tabling shifts during the week of elections
10. - If necessary, train volunteers on how to table and approach students during the week of elections

Other responsibilities of the Elections Intern include:
- Attending 1 hour weekly commission meetings with your team
- Attending All-ASUCI meetings on Wednesdays from 8-9pm during week 3 and week 6 of every quarter
- Complete at least one publicity hour a week, where you come to the ASUCI office and publicize ASUCI events via social media and other forms of communication

Deadline: Nov 2, @11:59PM
If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Commissioner, Alan Dang (