Student Services 2019-2020 Multimedia Intern Application (Due 5/25, 11:59pm)

What defines college? Your experience! The Office of Student Services aims to provide fun, communal student events and opportunities for student involvement such as Involvement Fairs, Concerts, Athletic Rallies, Spirit Days, Movie Screenings, and Talent Competitions to create a memorable experience for YOU and foster our campus community and student body morale. Our office consist of six different commissions that have the mission of creating the most excellent events for the UC Irvine’s student body, including Athletics, Business Relations, Content & Promotion, Campus Spirit, Concerts, Multimedia, and Student Talent. With your feedback and the diversity of our campus, Student Services strives to plan conscientious and quality events. Some of our most prominent events are: Welcome Week, Homecoming, Summerlands, Soulstice, Screen on the Green, Athletic Rallies, and many more!

The Multimedia Commission showcases different types of media on campus, whether that be movie screenings (advanced and regular) on campus or at UTC, bringing animators from Disney to UCI to showcase their talents, or finding a famous YouTuber and getting them to come to UCI. This Commission focuses on the many different forms of media out there today, and recognizes that students consume it in very different ways nowadays than in previous years, whether that be through Netflix, YouTube, or those Buzzfeed/Nifty videos we all see while scrolling through Facebook. The Multimedia Commission will find ways to appeal to many different students on campus and find ways to appeal to a broad range of people.

Multimedia Intern Responsibilities:
- Attend mandatory intern training and intern orientation prior to Welcome Week.
- Work at all mandatory Student Services events such as Welcome Week, Homecoming, Summerlands, etc.
- Complete two mandatory weekly publicity hours in the ASUCI Office.
- Attend mandatory Student Services meetings usually Wednesdays from 7:00 PM-8:00 PM.
- Plan and put on film screenings such as Screen on the Greens and advanced screenings.
- Contact film distributors/studios to acquire rights to advance film screenings or recently released films.
- Reach out to online personalities that students are interested in and try to bring them to UCI.
- Find different ways to consume media and showcase these to the student body.