Student Services 2019-2020 RETURNER Intern Application (Due 5/25, 11:59pm)

Returner interns are encouraged to apply for any commission that peaks their interest. Alongside with being a mentor to newer interns, returner interns will act as the liaison between different commissions.

Responsibilities will include:
-Occasional Discussions/Meetings with Chief of Staff on particular office affairs.
-Planning office socials.
-Serve as a liaison to other commissions.
-Serve as a mentor for the new members of the office (specifically in selected commission).
-Attend Student Services Meetings, Wednesday 7-8pm
-2 Publicity Hours per week.
-Attend Mandatory Events such as Welcome Week, Summerlands, Soulstice, rallies, giveaways, etc.

This application is only for students who have interned in the Office of Student Services 2018-2019. Anyone else will need to apply to a New Intern application.