2019-2020 SOULSTICE LEAGUE Spring Application (Due 5/18, at 11:59 PM)

Soulstice League is the talented group of hilarious UCI students who bring the comedic relief to Soulstice, UCI's premier annual talent competition. The League is to Soulstice as Superbowl commercials are to the Superbowl.

Check us out:

Video: ​https://youtu.be/6zOKhjTmixM
Stage (Song Parody): ​https://youtu.be/SAj350x-Sbk

As a member of Soulstice League, you will be expected to do the following:
- Write scripts (collaboratively or individually) for the skits and videos produced for Soulstice 2020
- Produce and participate in skits and videos as requested by the scripts chosen for the show
- Promote Soulstice 2020

The expected time commitments for Soulstice League members are as follows:
- Meetings: Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM during Fall and Winter Quarter
- League Retreats: TBD (Fall Quarter and Winter Quarter)
- Filming/rehearsal days: Saturdays @ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM during Winter Quarter
- Hell Week: 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM the week before Soulstice 2020
- Tech Week: 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM the week of Soulstice 2020
- Soulstice 2020: TBD

Soulstice League Applications are due Saturday, May 18th @ 11:59 PM. You will be contacted for interview times after the submission of your application and they will take place from May 20-24th.