[2019-2020 Internal Vice President] Food Security Intern Application

Food Security is a commission under the Office of the Internal Vice President. It is composed of driven, like-minded individuals, all working together to end hunger on campus. This year, the commission is focusing on campaigns: Zot Out Hunger and Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (HHAW), as well as officially launching the mobile app, Swipe Me. Zot Out Hunger is a campaign that focuses on eradicating food insecurity on campus through collecting donations of guest swipes and redistributing them to students in need; moreover, the campaign collects community donations, which further gives students in need the ability to access the dining commons. HHAW is a week long event geared towards mobilizing the community through educating the public on food insecurity in our locality and how we can change it through thought provoking events and artistic portrayals. Our vision is to inform the UCI campus about food insecurity. We want the campus to know how it impacts the school and what they can do to help alleviate food insecurity issues. We also want to find short and long term strategies on how to make others aware of food insecurity, while also helping those who are food insecure. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to email atsicair@uci.edu or jvvillan@uci.edu using the subject line as [2019-2020 Food Security Commission Application Question]. We will get back to you as soon as I can to aid you in your application process! The deadline to apply is August 16th, 2019. Interviews will be scheduled shortly after.