[2019-2020 Internal Vice President] Legal Clinic Intern Application

The Legal Clinic Commission focus will focus on establishing the Student Legal Services Center (SLSC) as well as pave the way for the establishment of legal resources and provide legal materials regarding topics that affect students. They also aim to develop awareness and outreach events regarding legal issues and emphasize the importance of bringing accessible and affordable legal services to Anteaters campuswide. This commission aims to connect campus communities to legal services, resources, and information to various underrepresented communities and provide informational sessions that apply to the legal field. With this they will seek help from county services and community services in order to provide legal services to students and assists them in solving problems including but not limited to credit cards, landlord and security deposit issues, ticket citations, child support, small claims court, and other services. Along with legal services, the Commissioners goal will be to provide students with more opportunities on financial and tax workshops. All ASUCI Meetings and All IVP Staff Meetings will be mandatory and scheduled throughout the 9 month period. Dates will be given in advance. Weekly commission meetings and publicity hours will be scheduled according to your availability. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to email Efren Velazco at velazcoe@uci.edu , using the subject line as [2019-2020 Application Question]. I will get back to you as soon as I can to aide you in your application process! The deadline to apply is rolling applications. Interviews will be scheduled shortly after.