[2019-2020 Internal Vice President] Commuter Success Intern Application

The Commuter Success Commission focuses on supporting the activities and lives of the commuter population at UCI. UCI is known as a “commuter school”, but there lacks a true commuter community for those individuals on campus. Our focus this year will be on curating this space and serve this community of ever-moving students. With outreach projects (media, event-based) stemmed from our own unique imaginations and experiences, we will be able to make an impact on the issues that face the commuter community, together! All ASUCI Meetings and All IVP Staff Meetings will be mandatory and scheduled throughout the 9 month period. Dates will be given in advance. Weekly commission meetings and publicity hours will be scheduled according to your availability. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to email Vian Nguyen at viantn@uci.edu using the subject line as [2019-2020 Application Question]. I will get back to you as soon as I can to help you in your application process! The deadline to apply is September 1st. Interviews will be scheduled shortly after.
  • You may send me either a formal one OR a list of your involvements with a small note on why this is important to you (write on this document). (example) ASUCI Sustainability I love sustainability and got to do projects that made a sustainable lifestyle more accessible to students on campus (Zot Cafe, Zot n’ Clothes). 7 Leaves Cafe I love coffee and people. With this job, I got to share what I loved most with my community.