The Art Lab 

We will be back Fall 2021.

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  • “Creativity Everywhere” (2021)
    • During Spring Quarter of 2021, Art Lab held a virtual exhibition showcasing work raging from the “Arts” to “Projects” in other majors. We invited students to share their work they created. Enjoy the work of these amazing UCI students!
  • “Quarantine Creative” (2020-21)
    • During the Winter quarter of 2021, Art Lab held an online exhibition that centered around the theme of “Self-Reflection.” Students were asked to submit their artwork to have it be displayed on the Art Lab website. Quarantine Creative was held to inspire creativity and artistry in students during remote learning.
  • “Find Your HeART” (2020)
  • “Dark Lab” (2019)
  • “Let it Grow”
  • “Mind, Art and Soul”
  • “Home is Where Art is”


  • Zot & Create Challenge 2020-21
    • Let’s get creative! The Zot and Create Challenge was an event that was held during the Fall of 2020 with weekly prompts, and during the Winter of 2021 with a different coloring page for each week. The goal of these events was to promote not only creativity but also to allow for students to take time to destress. The Fall event took place for four weeks and encouraged students to post their creations on their social media with the hashtags #asuciartlab and #asucizcc and to submit their works to the Art Lab commission. Similarly, the Winter Zot and Create Challenge also had students submit their artwork every week and post with the same hashtags. However, instead of weekly prompts, the students were given a different coloring page made by each of the staffers to color in and submit for every week.
  • Anteater Craft Shop
    • This event was center around giving a shout out to students who own small business. Get to know more about these students by visiting the “Anteater Shop” page.


  • Art Lab Commissioner & Student Health & Wellness (SHW)-2020
    • SHW time event, educational webinar series
  • Art Lab & Mental Health Commission-2021
    • Painting in the Zoom was a collaboration with the Mental Health Commission during the Winter of 2021. During this event, the Mental Health Commission was able to recreate their “Painting in the Park” event by hosting a virtual zoom session for students to color, draw, and play games with each other. The Art Lab staffers provided some new coloring pages for other students to color in.
  • “Empowering Women Through Art”
    • In collaboration with Cross Cultural Center. This exhibition explored the topic about women empowerment.


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