A Garden Party, Michelle Wei

“I planned this photo combining floral and “fauna” elements reminiscent of the childhood tea parties I used to have. Each Michelle represents a mood of her own and is a contributing member of the garden party to charm and inspire during this long period of quarantine. “

Another ABG Story, Soulstice League

“Another ABG Story is about two UCI students who fall in love at a music festival. In a Cinderella-like tale, the two search for one another and end up discovering more about themselves along the way. Another ABG Story captures UCI culture and the excitement of falling in love in college. This short film displays UCI’s community events and also student life. Another ABG Story seeks to empower Asian American identities and we wanted to have an all Asian cast increase the level of Asian American representation in the media. “


IG: @soulsticeleague

page last updated 5/23/20