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Register for the 2016 California Higher Education Food Summit

Dear Students, We would like to share with you information about the 2016 California Higher Education Food Summit (CHEFS). Members from our campus have been hard at work to plan this gathering in January. Both the registration and call for workshops are now live at  Please consider sharing your incredible knowledge and work and [...]

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Apply for Judicial Board

Interested in getting involved in ASUCI in a unique capacity? Apply to be an Associate Justice on the ASUCI Judicial Board! Associate Justices on the Judicial Board will work with the rest of the Justices on resolving all matters Judicial Board comes across, such as internal/external disputes involving ASUCI, reviewing the constitutionality of all legislation [...]

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A Call for Student Artwork

Hello Anteaters! On the Wednesday of Week 1, Oct. 8nd, ASUCI will be hosting ArtLab from 6-9pm on the Student Center Terrace. Our theme will be "Overcoming the Odds." For those who are unfamiliar, ArtLab is a space for everyone on campus to express themselves while showcasing their art and or talents. ASUCI asks for you [...]

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Updates Regarding the Bus Love Initiative Funding Board

Dear Students, It has come to our attention that concerns have been raised regarding the Bus Love Initiative Board Funding Decisions. A circulated Facebook post states that the decisions that been made by the board. We believe some of the information presented is inaccurate and lacking context. We, the board, aim to be as transparent [...]

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Withdrawal of ASUCI from the University of California Student Association

Dear Students, ASUCI is currently a member of the University of California Student Association. The University of California Student Association (UCSA) is a coalition of UC Student governments that aims to advocate for UC students at a statewide level to the UC Regents and California legislature. UCI undergraduate students pay a total of $28,880.79 in [...]

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Anteaters in Action presents: Winter Series – Volunteer Events

Anteaters in Action is ASUCI's community service commission dedicated to providing students with a variety of volunteer opportunities. The Anteaters in Action commission within the Office of Administrative Affairs strives to connect UCI to the community in a meaningful way and to promote the value of public service. We hope that you may join us for some or [...]

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Office of Administrative Affairs presents: Bus Love Uncovered on 1/15/14 from 5-6pm

On Wednesday January 15th,  from 5-6pm in Doheny Beach B (in the Student Center) the ASUCI Office of Administrative Affairs - Parking and Transportation Taskforce presents BUS LOVE UNCOVERED. This event aims to provide an opportunity for you to learn about what is happening with the shuttle system after the Bus Love Fee Initiative (referendum) [...]

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ASUCI Executive Officers In Support of Legislative Council’s R49-03 Against Janet Napolitano’s Appointment and Condemning the Inaction of the UC Student Association

The Executive Cabinet of ASUCI as accordance to the by-laws, has“the final vote and passage of legislation shall be confirmed by signature on said legislation by the Executive Cabinet, at which time it shall take immediate effect.”   The Executive Cabinet of the Associated Students at UC Irvine convened on September 10th, 2013 to authorize [...]

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