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ASUCI Senate First Year Senator Applications Now Open

Hello Anteaters! Are you an Freshman student that is motivated to represent UCI's Freshman Students? Do you want to represent fellow students alongside other members of the ASUCI Senate? ASUCI is a student-run and student-elected organization that advocates on behalf of students and creates programs that enhance the student experience at UC Irvine. ASUCI is [...]

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ASUCI Academic Senate Bi-Quarterly Report 1 Fall 2018

Hey Anteaters! It's your friendly neighborhood Academic Senate with another year of Bi-Quarterly reports! Attached below is the notes compiled from the meetings of October.  We are a commission of undergraduate representatives that sit on UCI Academic Senate council meetings and do our best to accurately reflect the opinions of the undergraduate body in these [...]

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Hello Anteaters, I hope that all of you are having a great fall quarter so far. The Office of the Internal Vice President is in charge of representing undergraduates in various administrative decisions across internal campus affairs, in doing so, the office ensures the highest quality advocacy regarding campus administrative areas. The Hill @ UCI [...]

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Shocktoberfest 2018 [Post Event Statement]

To the Anteater Community, I would like to begin by saying thank you for your continued support of ASUCI and all the events we host for students. We plan these with a main goal of ensuring our Anteaters have a college experience that is memorable and filled with something more than just classes, midterms, and [...]

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Apply to be on the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

Hello UCI Anteaters! The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is a campus committee comprised of students, faculty and staff reporting to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (P-EVC) and is charged with the following objectives: - To assist the P-EVC in regular efforts to ascertain attitudes of the student body, faculty on matters pertaining to [...]

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ASUCI Academic Senate Biquarterly Report

Hello Anteaters! Your ASUCI Academic Senate has uploaded their fourth report for the academic year to inform everyone about decisions being made by the UCI Academic Senate. We are a commission that sits as undergraduate student representatives in UCI Academic Senate meetings and voice our opinions that we believe concern the undergraduate student body. Down below [...]

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