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Media & Technology

The Media & Technology Office is dedicated to serving you – the student body. Our vision is to diligently serve the student body by maintaining and improving on ASUCI websites and social media. We aim to generate more awareness for and traffic towards ASUCI events and utilize media and technology to foster a strong sense of community at UCI.

For any questions or concerns regarding the ASUCI social media and technology content, please contact us at:

Meet the Team!

Britanny Louey
Britanny LoueyChief Media & Technology Officer
Hello everyone! My name is Brittany Louey and I am a 4th year student here, majoring in International Studies with a minor in Film & Media Studies. Besides looking at my lovely interns’ faces every week, I like to read, bake and watch Pirates of the Caribbean over and over again. My team and I work diligently throughout the school year to ensure that ASUCI is being successfully marketed and communicative to the student body. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the Media & Technology department. contact:
Sarah Salamatian
Sarah SalamatianMedia & Technology Intern
Hello fellow anteaters! My name is Sarah Salamatian and I am a third year Business Economics major. I hope with this internship I will be able to better connect with students on the variety of opportunities our amazing campus has to offer. A few things that I do during my free time would be drawing, traveling and hanging out with friends. Something interesting about me is that I am originally from Irvine, so if you want to know about cool spots in the area definitely contact me! contact:
Matthew Ma
Matthew MaMedia & Technology Intern
Hey what’s up hello! My name is Matthew and I’m currently a second-year, Business Economics major and Digital Arts minor. During my free time, I definitely like exploring nature and cities with friends as well as eating food and getting boba. One interesting fact about myself is that I have white rings around my eyes also known as arcus juvenilis (I think..)! Hit me up if you want to grab boba or check out my eyes. :’) contact:
Shayla Huynh
Shayla HuynhMedia & Technology Intern
Xin chào! It’s me.. Shayla Huynh! Currently, I am a 1st year business administration major. I grew up in the Bay Area where I was surrounded by diversity, innovation, and creativity. This has lead to my passions for leadership, empowerment, and art. I hope that through my work, whatever it may be, that I can combine my passions and leave a positive impact. But other than that, if you have a dog, please let me pet it. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:·゚✧ Stay Wholesome ♡ contact:
Brandon Wee
Brandon WeeMedia & Technology Intern
Helloooo everyone! My name is Brandon Wee and I’m currently a first year undeclared (Business Administration focus) major. I’ve been doing photography and film for about four years now and absolutely love taking my camera with me when I travel! I also absolutely love food and I am always the first to start eating and last to finish 🙂 On a more serious note, I hope that through commitment and service I will be able to make a lasting impact on our student body and for future anteaters as well! But also for real though if you want to grab ramen I’m always down~ contact:

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