Media & Technology

The Media & Technology Office is dedicated to serving you – the student body. Our vision is to diligently serve the student body by maintaining and improving on ASUCI websites and social media. We aim to generate more awareness for and traffic towards ASUCI events and utilize media and technology to foster a strong sense of community at UCI.

For any questions or concerns regarding the ASUCI social media and technology content, please contact us at:

Meet the Team!

Brandon Wee
Brandon WeeChief Media & Technology Officer
Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Brandon Wee and I will be serving as the Chief Media & Technology for the 2018-2019 school year! I am a 2nd year student here majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Management. When I’m not doing M&T stuff I enjoy watching kdramas, taking photos, travelling (Japan & Korea have been my fav places but Canada cool too), & chilling with my puppy (Pomchi Corgi!!!). I absolutely love food & you can often find me at your local kbbq or boba joint! Our team this year are dedicated to working diligently throughout the school year to ensure that ASUCI is being successfully marketed and communicative to the student body. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the Media & Technology department or if you would just like that chat!


Brianne Alvarez
Brianne AlvarezMedia & Technology Intern
Hello and welcome! I’m Brie, a third-year fun-loving nerd with a heart for storytelling. I also happen to be a Social Policy and Public Service major. Most days you can find me in a black turtleneck and beret camped out around student center (or any outlet) reading articles or making content. I’m mostly known for the black beret, which seems to be a part of my existence now, but also for my creative interests like music and photography. In my free time, I’m at a cappella rehearsals, trying new food, or reading. If you’ve made it all the way here, you’re probably curious about something. I’m happy to answer what I can and open to connect and have a conversation!


Shayla Huynh
Shayla HuynhMedia & Technology Intern
Xin chào! It’s me.. Shayla Huynh! Currently, I am a 2nd year business administration major with a planned emphasis in marketing. I grew up in the Bay Area where I was surrounded by diversity, innovation, and creativity. This has lead to my passions for leadership, empowerment, and art. I hope that through my work, whatever it may be, that I can combine my passions and leave a positive impact. But other than that, if you have a dog, please let me pet it. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:·゚✧ Stay Wholesome ♡


John Kim
John KimMedia & Technology Intern
Hello Hello! My name is John Kim and I am a 1st year studying Business Administration with a possible emphasis in Organization & Management. My interests in working with interactive setting that require strong communication skills and supporting others through various means aspire me to pursue a career in management consulting. On my free time, I love to play board/card games, stay stay through activities (hiking, running, snowboarding, etc.), and listen to various types of music (Classical, EDM, Pop, K-Pop, Musical/Movie Soundtracks, and more!). Throughout the year, I hope to work diligently and help foster the community of ASUCI through the media. Please feel free to contact me for any questions!


Courtney Man
Courtney ManMedia & Technology Intern
Hello! ♡

My name is Courtney and I’m a third year Psychology major hoping to go into consumer marketing in the future. I would say that I’m an all around artsy person. I enjoy photography, traditional and digital art, and typography. I’ve been doing freelance graphic design and calligraphy since 2016 so hmu for your wedding signage needs!

IG: @littlecourtneys for your stalking purposes

I’m lowkey a boba addict so hmu if you wanna grab boba!


Hayley Ng
Hayley NgMedia & Technology Intern
Hello everyone! My name is Hayley Ng and I am a 1st year Business Administration major with an strong interest in Marketing. I am an avid sports fan, and I play competitive lacrosse although I love watching football, basketball, and hockey as well. My absolute favorite cuisine is Mexican, and if I could, I would eat carne asada tacos everyday. I am very much a people person and during my free time, you can find me exploring new cities and trying new foods with my friends. I have lots of new creative ideas that I hope will help grow not only the Media and Technology department, but all of ASUCI as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any comments or concerns you may have!


Emily Nguyen
Emily NguyenMedia & Technology Intern
Hi y’all! My name is Emily Nguyen and I am a 2nd-year Business Administration major hoping to work in healthcare, nonprofit organizations, or sustainability. Creatively, I do photography and dabble in videography (would love to know more!) in my free time. I absolutely, positively, whole-heartedly, undoubtedly, unquestionably love dogs. They are the greatest beings that were introduced to this planet. On YouTube, I watch the Try Guys, itsJudysLife, ASMR videos, and S