Elections Commission

Randy Yan
Elections Commissioner

Hello! My name is Randy Yan and I am the 2021 ASUCI Elections Commissioner. I am currently a 4th year Biological Sciences major, minoring in Public Health. I have been in ASUCI since my first year at UCI, serving in capacities from intern to Biological Sciences Senator to Student Body President. I bring knowledge and expertise of ASUCI and the elections process. I am here committed to carrying out a fair, transparent, impartial, and just process of student elections. If you have any questions regarding elections, please do not hesitate to reach out! Thank you! :)

Randy đź’ˇ

Commission Information

The Elections Commission works to ensure the fair and impartial elections during the Spring Quarter, and if needed, any Special Elections. The commission consists of an Elections Commissioner, four Deputy Elections Commissioners, and a team of interns who work together to reach out of students and inform them about any upcoming elections. The ASUCI Elections Commission is empowered by the Elections Code and ASUCI Constitution and serves at the will of the undergraduate student body.

Commission Goals

The 2020-2021 Elections Commission’s goals for increasing voter turnout will be:

  • To become more involved with university faculty and utilizing their help in getting the vote out to the student body.
  • To develop creative methods of informing our culturally diverse student body about any elections.
  • To ensure that all elections are carried out fairly and smoothly.

Deputy Elections Commissioners

Janice Zhong
Shady Ibrahim
Max Siddiqi
Derek Littlejohn

E-Mail: elections[at]asuci.uci.edu

By appointment via Zoom, please email elections@asuci.uci.edu for more information.