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Holly Woods
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I have always had a passion for student issues from a young age. My journey in ASUCI began during my freshman year at UCI. I started off in the elections commission as an intern when it was under the office of the External Vice President (formerly known as the Executive Vice President). Later that same year I was given the position of Deputy with the Elections Commission. An elections deputy oversees two or more interns and is a coordinator of the ASUCI elections. Then, during my second year, I continued in the elections commission, again as a deputy but additionally as an intern for Retention and Recruitment under the Office of the President. Retention and Recruitments main job was to bring cohesion to ASUCI as a whole by bringing large scale events to the student body and student government. Currently, I serve as one of the Chiefs-of-Staff for the office of the Internal Vice President. I work closely with the IVP as well as the commissioners in the office to put together events for the benefit of the student body. My passion for student government and politics grew as time went on. Over the years I have been educated on the systems and administration of the UC system and UCI specifically. I have heard first-hand stories and personally been impacted by systems that are supposed to be helping.The interest I have in this position stems from my desire to seek equity for our students. I have now been in ASUCI for 3 years and feel ready to take on a position to act as ally/advocate for student concerns. More important it is my main goal to use my resources and privileges to open spaces for students who belong to marginalized communities such as the Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian communities, who typically face suppression by Administration.

Areas of ASUCI I would like to improve:

  • Transparency
    • Students’ time and energy are a precious and valuable resource. Given this I think that there should be details of how each office is working for the students, this is something that should be mandatory. At the bare minimum, there should be a quarterly update posted on the ASUCI website on what work has been done in the office.  This would be in addition to the mandated bi-quarterly report that is made by ASUCI executives to the Senate. This is essential for two reasons: 1) UCI students deserve to know how their funds are spent and being utilized, 2) the student advocates in ASUCI should be properly acknowledged for the time and energy they put into their work.
  • Vulnerability, Representation & Disestablishing the hierarchy
    • ASUCI executives and professional staff have created distance from the student’s. There should be more availability of all aspects of the org to be used as a tool for students and not the other way around. UCI students put faith in the elected students to hold their interests but this has not been the case for quite some time. I hope to open up spaces for students.
  • Partnering
    • I want to increase the utilization of our campus resources such as the Cross-Cultural Center. It would be in the best interest of the students to use funds as wise as possible therefore by partnering with on and off-campus resources we could decrease off cost to increase the number of students we bring to conferences, regents meetings, and activist spaces.

Areas within EVP I would like to improve:

  1. Working on consistent spaces to facilitate conversations by working with on and off-campus resources.
  2. Working with Student Success Initiative to bring non-ASUCI members to conferences such as Student Lobby Conference, National Student Power Summit, Student of Color Conference, etc.

* These areas of improvement are the bare minimum for change. Once a team for EVP has been formed I plan on expanding our goals and to make concrete action plans that will be distributed to our students.

Role of the Chief of Staff: The Chief of Staff is responsible for overseeing the five branches within the EVP office. The COS should have knowledge and experience in advocacy work (legislative and grassroots) in order to assist branches. The COS will report back to the Executive Vice President, check in with the commissioners and their performance, do logistical work (book rooms, order supplies, etc) for the branches, be a support system for the branches, and ensure that the branches conduct their weekly meetings.

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