Mission and History of the External Vice President

The External Vice President’s Office works to promote student advocacy on a local, statewide and national level in order to bring awareness to the importance of affordability, accessibility, quality, safety and diversity at UCI. The EVP serves as the student liaison to the UC Regents, local, state, and national elected officials and works to have student interests reflected in policy. We organize around tuition, worker solidarity, advancing human rights, voter education, and equity in the UC system. The EVP office hopes to address injustices and support advocacy work and legislation that further challenges the issues that students face.

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Chief of Staff

  • Fight tuition increases and the cohort-based tuition system, which would hurt students across all demographics
  • Focusing our advocacy on the local level where we can make a difference
  • Strengthening this government’s relationship with Irvine City Council and fight policies that unfairly target the interests of students
  • In collaboration with our local California Assemblymembers and Senators, we will present legislation in Sacramento to address mental health, basic needs security, food security, and housing.
  • Making voting in the 2020 Presidential Election more accessible through centralized vote centers, ballot drop-off locations, and institutionalized voter registration
  • Automatic voter registration for eligible students
  • Emergency funds for students for emergency housing, food, and basic needs security

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