The Communications Commission is the direct line of communication between the office's advocacy and the student body. It focuses on interpreting and breaking down policy and progress on our initiatives and communicating it in a digestible way back to the student body. Similar to a Press Secretary, the Communications Commission can factually answer any questions or inquiries about the state of the office's advocacy and initiatives. The Communications Commission also works to reach out to students with opportunities to get involved in the office.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Communications Director and Aide: evpcommunications@asuci.uci.edu || Office Hours: Fridays, 11:30-12:30 pm || Zoom

Communications Director & Aide: 

  1. Increase the EVP Office’s transparency and engagement with the student body.
  2. Create digestible content that informs students on the office’s ongoing projects.
  3. Participate in the collective effort to make connections of intersectionality more palpable and visible.

Communications Director

Michelle Dong (She/Hers)
I have previously worked under the EVP Office as a Legislative Affairs staffer and I am excited to be serving as the 2021-2022 Communications Director. I’ve lived in the San Gabriel Valley area for the majority of my life and I spent my childhood moving around Kentucky, Florida, and Indiana! Outside of school, I take care of my orchid’s well-being, overanalyze the MCU, and (responsibly) invest my money in skincare and music albums. As Communications Director, I aspire to keep a consistent line of communication between the office and the student body.

Communications Aide

Jun Huang (She/Hers)
Hey everybody, I’m Jun (joon). I live with two very adorable cats and have a huge addiction to mango puddings. This year, I’d love for the office to expand its student outreach and create a brand that is instantly recognizable. I’m here to connect our student body with our advocacy in a digestible way! Let me know if you want any pictures of my cats :)