Organizing Commission

Chris Aguilar

Organizing Commissioner

Hey, ya'll! My name is Chris Aguilar (he/his/him) and I will be the Organizing Director for the 2019-20 year. I am a third-year Criminology major while also working on a Political Science minor. I'm from SouthEast Los Angeles in a little city called Huntington Park. I'm excited to work on behalf of all UCI students and orgs. Although I have a lot of goals that I wish to accomplish this year, my main focus will be to connect with students orgs and campus departments to provide support in any way shape or form on their quest to serve students. While also being open to starting new ideas for programs that will benefit, challenge, and eliminate political apathy amongst UCI students (so don't hesitate to come thru if you have any!). With that being said, I can't wait to start serving you and start advocating for campus issues!

Office Hours: Thursdays 12pm-1:50pm

Flor Tampan

Local Organizing Coordinator

Hi friends! My name is Flor. I am a third year Political Science and International Studies double major, and I am your Local Outreach Organizing Commissioner for the S.Y 2019-2020. I am so excited to be working along side with all of you. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns via email or stopping by the ASUCI office during my office hours. I enjoy talking to students about anything, and I am here to genuinely help y’all in any way that I can. I truly believe that we can make wonderful things here at our community if we work together!

Office Hours: Wednesdays 2pm-4pm, Thursdays 1pm-3pm

Ricardo Perez

Labor Organizing Coordinator

I am a second year Social Policy & Spanish major. I was born and raised in Los Angeles near Koreatown! I am currently involved with USAS (United Students Against Sweatshops), Tertulia (UCI's official Spanish club) and work as an administrative assistant at UCI Law School in the Career Development Office. I enjoy creating music and spending time with my family. In this position, I hope to do all that I can to advance worker justice and expand worker solidarity on campus. Hopefully I can accomplish this through worker appreciation events, raising awareness on workers campaigns are fighting for, and most importantly, nurture worker solidarity across campus.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 5pm-6pm

Andre Castro

National Organizing Coordinator

Hi. I'm Andre a 3rd year transfer student majoring in Political Science and Social Ecology. I served in the Navy for over 6 years and played on UCI's Men's Volleyball for two years. I'm looking forward to organizing this year for all National Issues, along with pushing for better mental health services for out-of-state and transient students, more inclusivity of transfers, student veterans, and older students into the UC education, and ensuring UCI's voice is heard on the national state.

Additionally, I am an Ambassador for the Campus Wide Honor's Consortium and a Peer Navigator for the Veteran Service Center.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 3pm-5pm

Sharen Moniqca

Racial Justice Now Coordinator

I am a third year Political Science and Social Policy and Public Service double major! I grew up moving around all over the country, but I call Rancho Cucamonga home! I am super passionate about issues that pertain to our UCI community, and because of this I work at the FRESH Basic Needs Hub as a pantry manager alongside my position at AS! The topics of racial justice paired with social justice is something that I hold close to my heart and plan to work towards during my time as RJN Coordinator! During my free time I like to binge watch Jersey Shore, go out to eat KBBQ, and attend different music festivals!

Office Hours: Tuesdays/Thursday 2pm-3pm

Office Hours:

Our vision for the organizing commission is to amplify the connection between our legislative and organizing efforts to be as effective as possible.Democracy is 95% showing up whether it is to a demonstration or to the polls; it is critical that we work diligently side by side to mobilize our students and create solid relationships of support amongst our campus and the UC system. One of our primary goals for the year is to help uncover the intersections between our collective struggles here on campus, statewide, and national between our students and workers. The goal of this commission is to mobilize the UCI students and staff, uplift students through creating connections and addressing power relationships at the University and systemwide levels.

We will hold conferences, talks, and peaceful demonstrations that help educate students on the struggles faced across campuses nationwide and map out the steps we can take to help make change on a personal level to empower the collective.

Structure of the Organizing Commission

The Organizing Commission is separated into three focuses.

Each focus has a coordinator which leads the efforts that correlate to their position description.

All Organizing Coordinators are overseen by the Organizing Commissioner.

The Organizing Commission collectively works on projects that have been delegated by any of the following peoples; the Commissioner, Chief of Staff, External Vice President or of course the students of this University.

Please read below to learn more about what each coordinator contributes to the Organizing Commission.

LABOR ORGANIZING COORDINATOR: The Labor Organizing coordinator will focus on uplifting labor workers through building coalitions with organizations and communities not limited to: AFSCME, UAW, National Nurses Union, Student Labor Action Project, and Student workers on campus. The Labor Organizing focus will work on coalition building and organizing initiatives coordinated with these aforementioned organizations. In our commitment to social justice, we must preserve the right of all folx to live a life of dignity, and in the face of injustice and opposition from administration, we must mobilize and fight for the disenfranchised workers who are deprived of their right to the pursuit of happiness.

STATEWIDE ORGANIZING COORDINATOR: The statewide organizing coordinator focuses on uplifting grassroots statewide initiatives through building coalitions with statewide organizations and connecting our campus communities with these statewide efforts. The Statewide Organizing coordinator will be involved in Campus Action Committee spaces/initiatives in UCSA and connecting UCSA initiatives back to the campus and is involved in following through with UCSA commitments. This year the Statewide Organizing team is looking to provide students with the resources that affect our everyday lives. We hope to help create opportunities for students to get involved in varying different aspects and to help those wishing to learn about organizing.

NATIONAL ORGANIZING COORDINATOR: The National Organizing coordinator will focus on issues on a national level and will be responsible for reactionary movements in the office which center around Federal policies and practices. National Organizing Coordinator will work with the Federal Legislative Affairs Coordinator on taking UCI students to the Capitol. This year we plan to address student issues on the national level that are continuously affecting our diverse communities on campus. We plan to do this by hosting events that will specifically focus on relevant and prominent issues and find solutions to these issues through the campaigns we will establish with UCSA. Our long term goals are to bring awareness to these student issues that are significantly affecting our student body and approach them with concrete goals to minimize the impact that these issues hold on our communities.