UC I Decide Commission

Azniv Derdzakyan

Head Commissioner

Hey Anteaters! My name is Azniv Derdzakyan and I am your UC I Decide Commissioner for the 2018-2019 school year. I am currently a 4th year Political Science and Sociology major. I am a first generation college student and have a strong passion for my community. I also love to meet people through the work that we do in ASUCI, so stop by and say hi. Look out for our upcoming events and volunteering opportunities for this year. Additionally, if you have any questions or suggestions, please email ucidecide@asuci.uci.edu. I look forward to working with you all.


UC I Decide is a commission under the Office of the External Vice President. We are dedicated to enhancing the number of educated, registered students at UC Irvine. Our goal for this year is to register more than 4000 students to vote by the 2018 Midterm Election as well as increasing voter turnout. We believe it is important for the UCI undergraduate population to stay civically engaged and exercise their right to vote.

As a nonpartisan commission our primary focus is promoting voter education and engagement. Therefore, we are actively registering students to vote by boothing on campus, reaching out to students in classes, partnering with on campus organizations, and hosting various events. Our events will include community partners, candidates, spokespersons, and more. Our commission’s goal is to empower students to vote and increase access to voter participation.

Contact Us!

  • ucidecide@asuci.uci.edu

  • Office Hours: Wednesday from 6pm-7pm