Local High School Outreach

Emily NguyenLocal High School Outreach Commissioner

Hi Everyone! My name is Emily Nguyen and I am a 4th year with a double major in Education Sciences & Public Health Policy! This will be my second year in ASUCI. Last year I served as an intern for the LHSO Commission, and this year I am pleased and honored to be serving as the Local High School Outreach Commissioner where I hope to inspire and motivate underprivileged students in disadvantaged communities and guide them to a higher-level education.

I want to be able to provide students the opportunity to attend higher-level education after graduating high school. I hope to accomplish this through mentor-ship, providing educational resources, through social justice, and campus involvements. I want to make all students despite their race, color, or socioeconomic status feel comfortable and confident on a college campus. I hope to do this by incorporating and working with different organizations on campus to show high school students that they are represented on campus. I also hope to provide workshops regarding issues in social justice so that students are aware of political, cultural, social, and economic issues that can affect their quality of education. These workshops and lessons will help students become a leader within their own community and overcome systems of oppression.


[fall] Thursdays from 1 PM – 2 PM or by appointment via Zoom