Homecoming 2019

  • Homecoming is a long-standing UCI tradition that brings together the UCI community for a week of festivities and fun, all leading up to our huge festival in the park and Homecoming Basketball Game on Saturday! This year, the celebrations start on Monday, February 4th, and go until Saturday, February 9th. 

ASUCI Homecoming Events

  • Daily games/activities, raffles, and FREE FOOD on the student center terrace from 11-2 Monday – Friday! More specifics coming soon.
  • Festival in the park! Welcome back our alumni anteaters with a fun day in the park and enjoy some good company. More details to come soon with times.
  • Homecoming Basketball Game! Join us at the Bren as we defend ourselves against the rivals for our Homecoming game. Here we will also crown our 2019 Homecoming King & Queen!

Homecoming Court

Voting will occur 9am Feb 4th – 5pm Feb 8th at www.elections.uci.edu.

Go to Elections Website

The court will show below in random order each time the page loads.

Lani Nugent

What’s up Anteaters! My name is Lani Nugent, and I am a 4th year CHP student doubling in Cognitive Sciences and Education Science running to be your 2019 UCI Homecoming queen! The “Grandma Friend” to some and the “Disney Nerd” to others, I’ve always enjoyed sharing quality time with those I care about, especially when they will let me excitedly ramble about something I’ve told them at least 3 times before. Sharing is actually the center of everything I’ve tried to get involved with on-campus because UCI has taught me the power of knowledge and experience. From SPOP staffing to being an RA and working as a Campus Rep, I’ve loved helping others work through big life-decisions or transitions by offering my own experiences as a platform for learning and making the best choice for the individual. My favorite part about being an Anteater are all the opportunities I’ve pursued at UCI to learn more about myself and explore sides of me I didn’t realize I had. My time in Soulstice League showed me my knack for parody song-writing and has inspired me to actually try a career in comedy! Hopefully I’ll be able to share more comedic moments at UCI from the stage, but until then, can’t wait to meet y’all during homecoming week! Stay Zotty!!

Alexis Urias

My name is Alexis Urias, and I am a first-generation Latino from San Diego, CA. I am currently a 5th year studying Film and Media Studies & Sociology with a minor in Education Sciences. Throughout my time at UCI I have been a part of multiple campus organizations, programs and departments which have all contributed to my growth as an undergrad. Some of my main involvements include the Latino Business Student Association, this was the very first organization that welcomed me with open arms and where I served in multiple leadership roles throughout my time at UCI. SPOP (Prism) is a program where I helped welcome incoming first year and transfer students to the university. I also served as a Peer Adviser for the Office of Campus Organizations and Volunteer Programs where I helped plan large events for over 600+ registered campus organizations. I am currently a Resident Advisor in Middle Earth where I contribute to the first-year student housing experience (shout out to my Woodhall Woodies). I am also a Peer Consultant at the Division of Career Pathways where I assist students and help them with their personal career goals. Lastly, I am a part of the Office of Student Services and Academic Affairs where I help put large events together to contribute to the undergraduate student experience. I can definitely say that my involvements have played a vital role to my undergraduate experience and I am extremely thankful of all the students and faculty that I have crossed paths with and who have also become my support system away from home. THANK YOU!

Krisi Yosifova

My name is Krisi Yosifova and I am a third-year student graduating early with a double major in Business Administration and Criminology, Law & Society. As a first-generation immigrant from Bulgaria, I have tried to make the most of my time at UCI by serving as Vice President of my sorority, working in Corporate Relations at the Merage School of Business, and teaching the next generation of UCI students how to ZOT properly – quite possibly my most significant achievement in life so far. In case my career as a professional line-dancer doesn’t kick-off after graduation, my back-up plan is to work full-time for a 2020 Presidential campaign before attending law school. On the rare occasion that I’m not studying at the pub on campus, I like to spend my free time training for marathons, cooking Indian food, and dancing to Cotton Eye Joe with my best friends. I am SUPER HYPED to be on the Homecoming Court and grateful for the chance to potentially release my inner Queen Bey at the Homecoming Basketball game.

Ilene Lutap

HELLLOOOOO Y’ALL! My name is Ilene Lutap and i’m a fourth year Art major with a minor in Informatics (woot woot)!! Running for homecoming queen is something that I have never imagined myself doing when I was a first year, especially since I was super super shy and was mainly found in my room. But because I was introduced to the most outgoing and open-minded people, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn and be mentored in multiple spaces such as AMP (hi Lara and Jennifer!), Academic Affairs, Kababayan, UCI Housing (shout out to Mariposa 4 and DDB!!!), SPOP (AYEEE DLN and my sp-mentees), Circle K (love my royal seahorse fam <3) and my fellow classmates that have fought with me through the challenges of the quarter system. It was through their kindness, love, and patience that allowed me to grow into the individual that I am today which i’m so grateful for. Although i’m reaching my last couple of months here at UCI, I hope that we get to meet if i didn’t get a chance to!!

Jamie Stapp

Hi Y’all! My name is Jamie Ellen Stapp, and I am a third year first-generation Psychology and Social Behaviors Major with a Minor in Biology. I have been so blessed to participate in some incredible opportunities and meet some of the most inspirational individuals during my time at UCI. I am proud to call this place my home. My first year, through SMLI, working as Middle Earth Community Council Events Chair and by joining a few clubs I was able to meet dynamic individuals who allowed me to gain a deeper sense of individuality, and connection to the campus. My second year, through research, exploring medical organizations, volunteer opportunities and becoming a Student Housing Advisor I firmly planted roots here, like one of the trees growing so freely in the park. My third year enabled me to branch out, joining an empowering group of women in the Pi Beta Phi Sorority, taking the Anteater pride and working at a special needs school, where I currently administer medications to severely disabled children, performing Gastronomy feeds, and appreciating the little moments in life. I love challenging myself in new ways, meeting new people, going on spontaneous adventures, and helping others. Just like many of you, I like the occasional Netflix binge, and voting Jamie Ellen Stapp for Homecoming Queen! Thanks so much and I hope you all enjoy Homecoming Week!

Logan Carroll

My name is Logan Carroll and I am a senior Business Administration major. I enjoy looking at memes on my phone and watching vine compilations in my free time. I participated in UCI’s study abroad program and went to Australia for a year and that was pretty fun. Also I play intramural basketball and would liken my playing ability to a younger, more athletic version of Joel Embiid. I am a member of the financial literacy association on campus and also participate in the UCI stock market competition and love making and spending money. Some things I enjoy are: petting puppies, eating food, and listening to music. Some things I dislike include UCI parking enforcement, attending morning classes, and kids who wear thrasher but don't skate. I am a semi-professional surfer, I play drums and guitar in a really bad band, and think UCLA and Berkeley are overrated schools. Thanks for reading about me, you should vote for me to be homecoming king.

Jeff Cando

My name is Jeff Cando and I am a 4th year Criminology, Law, and Society at UCI. I have been kind of active on the Confessions page, meme pages, and class pages. I usually browse twitter or snapchat on my free time. Like a lot of students, UCI was not my first choice. However, my experience at SPOP 1 during Evergreen Year changed my perspective of the campus and I grew to appreciate UCI even more. I came in knowing maybe a handful of people but not as much as I left behind in high school. However ,through my various involvements on campus, I have found my communities where I feel welcome and lifelong friendships. I got involved in the Antleader Mentorship Program (AMP) my first year, and obtained valuable knowledge about leadership, personal reflection, and professionalism. I then became a mentor to share those same values I learned from my experience as a mentee. My other involvements in both SPOP and Kababayan gave me those close friendships and leadership values, as we experienced putting on a large culture night (PACN) and staying up all night to play mind games with incoming students. Other things I do in my free time include watching Netflix (like Black Mirror), going to the pub on the low, listening to lowkey Soundcloud mixes and shooting my shot at the ARC. Hope you got to know more about me as a potential Homecoming King and hope to see you all the Homecoming game!