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Housing Commission


Cassius Anton Rutherford
Cassius Anton RutherfordHousing Commissioner
3rd year Political Science & Urban Studies double major

Community Involvements:
ASUCI Housing Security Commissioner
Elected Vice President, College Democrats at UCI
Elected Secretary, Democrats of Greater Irvine
Elected State Central Committee Member, California Democratic Party

The security of a person in their housing is the most fundamental and basic aspect of our participation in society, and I believe that the security of one’s housing is necessary to their success. As housing insecurity rises among students and low-income earners, I am a passionate advocate for a commitment to social and economic justice, and making sure there’s housing that’s affordable for every segment of our population.

Housing Commissioner

What do we want to accomplish through ASUCI’s housing security commission?

The soaring cost of housing in Irvine and Orange County is a critical issue affecting the success and well-being students at UC Irvine. Our commission aims to raise community awareness of this issue and develop concrete policy solutions that we can use to lobby UCI’s administration, the local city council, and other levels of government to expand the supply of low-cost housing in Orange County. The driving goal of this commission will be to alleviate the burden of an expensive housing market on students and other low-income populations through advocacy, policy solutions, and partnerships with local organizations.

How do we aim to accomplish this?

Our commission aims to address this issue by pursuing the following actions on a quarterly basis:

  1. Analyze the magnitude of UCI’s housing insecure population and its effect among the student body by funding a study of undergraduates. The need for this study is demonstrated in the lack of detailed questions about homelessness and housing insecurity in other campus-wide research done by UCI’s administration.
  2. Stage an ambitious awareness campaign to build on the efforts of previous basic needs security work done by ASUCI to highlight the low-cost housing needs of students and other low-income earners. We want the administration of UC Irvine and local governments to know that this issue hits home to students, and that we are serious about finding creative policy solutions to benefit our student body.
  3. Ultimately, we aim to finish the year with a refined set of policy solutions developed in tangent with University staff, local policymakers, and student leaders and advocates that we can wield in our advocacy for a more just housing market. We believe that no student should struggle in the face of soaring rent costs regardless of their background, and our policy solutions will ultimately serve to drive a reduction in housing insecure and homeless students.

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