Mission and History

The mission of the Office of the Internal Vice President is to bring resources back to students in the most accessible manner. The office is one of the five executive branches in ASUCI. Our office oversees all internal operations of ASUCI which include new member recruitment, regular training or retreats, regular All ASUCI meetings and more to ensure respect and cohesion in the organization. The office oversees 10 commissions and the Internal Vice President serves as a student representative on various campus advisory boards.

Meet Your Executive


Chiefs of Staff

  1. Sustainability Project and Garden

  2. Anteaters in Action

  3. Transfer Student Support

  4. Student Health and Wellness

  5. Student Support and Advocacy

  6. Vendor Fair

  7. Recruitment and Retention

  8. Commuter Student Support

  9. Legal Education Officer

  10. International Student Advocacy Officer

  • Increase transparency within ASUCI and IVP to UCI overall
  • Promote collaboration with on-campus organizations and resources as well as other offices within ASUCI
  • Support and work with more with marginalized communities including undocumented students, commuter students, transfer students, and international students
  • Continue sustainability efforts among ASUCI and education on sustainability measures on campus
  • Full student representation on all campus advisory boards including the ARC, the Bren Center, Student Health Insurance, Bus Love, and the Student Center
  • Support students with impactful and interactive events and initiatives during remote learning and transitioning back to campus

Feel free to contact us anytime and any day with any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions. We are here to represent you and are here for you!

Internal Vice President:

Office Hours: Wednesdays 11am-12pm via Zoom ( )

Chiefs of Staff:

Office Hours:

  • Alyssa Naigan: Wednesdays 1pm-2pm via Zoom ( )
  • Hannah Pease: Mondays 10am-11pm via Zoom ( )