Office of the Internal Vice President

Daniela Romero 

Internal Vice PresidentPronouns: She/Her/Hers
Office Hours – Fall Quarter: TBA in the ASUCI Suite

Hello Anteaters! My name is Sanjanaa Ellur and I am honored to serve as your ASUCI Internal Vice President for the Academic Year 2018-2019. I am a fourth year Biological Sciences major. As the Internal Vice President, I hope to serve the undergraduate student body with purpose and care. I have served as the Chief of Staff for the Internal Vice President and as a Food Security Commissioner during the academic years 2017-2018 and 2016-2017. Through these positions, I have worked to provide resources for my fellow Anteaters to engage in critical conversations about basic needs security and have helped develop a long-term strategic model to increase accessibility, affordability and equity for my fellow Anteaters. I have also founded an initiative called Zot Out Hunger at UCI which is a program that redistributes excess meal swipes, guest swipes and flexdine dollars to students who are in need of them but cannot financially afford it. Throughout my time at UCI, I have successfully co-hosted UCI’s Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, addressed critical parking issues, made parking available for 24 hours during finals week for students as an ASUCI Campus Task Force intern, and helped successfully pass the crucial Food Pantry Referendum.

In addition, I have participated and served as a mentor in the Summer Multicultural Leadership Institute (SMLI), served as the vice president for the South Asian Student Union, worked as a marketing intern for the California Higher Education Food Summit 2016 (CHEFS) hosted at UCI, served as the marketing lead on the Food Pantry Initiative, have been serving as the chair on the Bren Events Center Advisory Board since Winter 2016, the chair designee on the Student Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC) since Fall 2017 and as the chair since Summer 2018.  It has been my passion to dedicate time and energy to working for and advocating for students’ interests on campus.

The mission of my office is to work with our campus administration to address student issues related to Legal aid,  Transportation, Basic Needs Insecurity, Sustainability and more. Within the office of the Internal Vice President, we hope to provide, include and represent the undergraduate students of the University of California, Irvine.


  • Establish UC Irvine’s first permanent Legal Clinic
  • Mental Health Accessibility and (Dis)ability Services
    1. Establish a Wellness lounge incorporated with high-tech nap pods
    2. Advocate for an increase in educational programs about disability access and ensure that they are being delivered to staff, faculty and administrators on campus
  • Advocate for an increase in Basic Needs access to the Anteater Community
  • Transparency within the organization for the purpose of recruitment and retention
  • Full student representation on all campus advisory boards including, but not excluded to the ARC, the Bren Center, Student Health Insurance, Bus Love, and the Student Center.

Jamie Batres

Office Hours: Tuesday 12:00-01:00pm in the ASUCI Office

Hello Hello! My name is Jamie Batres and I proudly serve as one of your Chiefs of Staff for the Office of the Internal Vice President! Additionally, I am a third year Education Sciences major with a Digital Arts minor. I am especially grateful to hold a position where I have the ability to communicate with so many student leaders, as I am deeply passionate about creating inclusive, accessible and diverse spaces everywhere I am, largely here in UCI. I believe that facilitating conversations surrounding intersectionality is both important and necessary, which to me is what the Office of the Internal Vice President represents. IVP challenges its students to think about change: if not now, then when? This office allows me to have the opportunity to address issues that affect students on the day-to-day basis, such as the college food insecurity, transportation reliability, community service, and many others. Prior to this, I have served on UCI Housing’s Mesa Court Council as the Advocacy and Activities Executive Chair as well as an intern for the Recruitment and Retention commission. It is among my greatest passions that this campus continues to work towards becoming open and inclusive to its students’ identities; it goes without say that I will ensure to hold both myself and staff accountable to make sure that it is so.

Nikita Patel

Office Hours: Thursday 04:00-05:00pm in the ASUCI Office

Hi y’all!! My name is Nikita Patel and I am humbled to be serving as one of your Chiefs of Staff for the Office of the Internal Vice President! I am currently a third year pursuing a double major in Public Health Sciences and Sociology. In the past year I have worked under ASUCI as an intern for the Recruitment and Retention commission, held an at-large representative position on the Student Center Advisory Board, and volunteered a number of hours supporting the Alzheimer’s foundation. I am excited for this year to be able to serve the Anteater community with concern and attentiveness. I am a strong believer in establishing a warm place of growth for everyone. In addition, I hope with my position I am able to bring to light the various resources on campus. I believe that the campus environment at UCI should be one that accommodates to every student’s needs. With over 30,000 students, it is difficult to be able to cater to everyone, but I hope to engage with as many students as I can in order to incorporate the needs of the diverse students at UCI.

  1. Sustainability Project Commission
  2. Anteaters in Action 
  3. Food Security Commission
  4. Garden Commission
  5. Student Life and Advocacy
  6. Vendor Fair 
  7. Recruitment and Retention
  8. Legal Clinic
  9. Transportation
  10. Basic Needs Security Advocacy Officer
  11. International Student Advocacy Officer

Internal Vice President:

Chiefs of Staff: