Office of the Internal Vice President

Daniela Romero 

Internal Vice PresidentPronouns: She/Her/Hers
Office Hours – Fall Quarter Mondays 11 AM in the ASUCI Suite

Hello Anteaters! My name is Daniela Romero and I am so humbled and excited to be serving as your Internal Vice President for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. I am a fourth year Political Science and International Studies Major from Huntington Beach, CA. Some fun facts about me are that I am Peruvian, music is one of my passions, I love the beach, and I am currently in a sorority called Delta Gamma.  I have been involved in ASUCI in one way or another ever since my first year. My journey started in the Local High School Outreach Commission, from there I began to be involved in Visions and AMP under Academic Affairs, and last year served the Housing Commission under the Office of the President.

My purpose here is to support students and that’s it. ASUCI is by the students, for the students. My goal is to really live into this slogan and stay grounded on the morals and values that surrounded student government and leadership as a whole. Being able to go to a higher institution, a UC for that, for higher education has been such a privilege at most, but also very difficult at times. There is much that needs to be brought to attention on student matters and needs when it comes to accessibility, rights, resources, and space. I am excited to hold 9 commissions this year and one advocacy officer, and a staff full of diverse, talented, and passionate student leaders. As your Internal Vice President, I hope to fully represent and hear student needs and opinions to serve on our five advisory boards, and lead my commissions to provide more resources for students on the UC Irvine campus. Ultimately, this position is not a one womxn effort. I am excited to work alongside the other Executives, student leaders, and YOU! 


  • Be 100% transparent as possible within ASUCI and IVP
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle, overall wellness for students, and push towards programs for drug and alcohol abuse awareness
  • Advocate for an increase in basic needs within food, housing, and technology
  • Create more safe spaces and communities on campus for commuter students through Zot Adopt, single-parent, undocumented, student workers, and international students. And work more with marginalized communities.
  • Increase access to parking, bus routes, OC bus passes and usage, and public transit while promoting a sustainable commute.
  • Improve student access to legal aide, tax filing services, privacy, security, employability rights, and more!
  • Make ASUCI a more sustainable organization and promote/education on sustainability measures.
  • Full student representation on all campus advisory boards including  the ARC, the Bren Center, Student Health Insurance, Bus Love, and the Student Center.

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Hannah Quach

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Hi everyone! My name is Hannah, I am a Business Administration major,  and I am serving as one of the Chiefs of Staff for the Internal Vice President. I have previously served as an intern and commissioner for Anteaters in Action. This year, my responsibilities include assisting the Internal Vice President, supporting the commissions in our office, and being available to all of our staff and the students. I am looking forward to spending my third year at UCI and in ASUCI in an office that I love and serving all of the wonderful anteaters on campus! My goals for this year is to aid all of our staff in order to improve the students’ experience on our beautiful campus. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us. Zot Zot Zot!

Office Hours: Fall Quarter  Tuesdays 4-5pm  in the ASUCI Office

Nishat Jahan 

Nishat Jahan

Hi Anteaters! My name is Nishat, and I will be one of your IVP Chiefs of Staff for this school year! I am a 4th year student double majoring in Pharmaceutical Science and Psychological Science. This will be my third and final year in ASUCI – I’ve previously been an intern for the Garden Commission and the Garden Commissioner. I am very excited to be working for y’all this year! My job will be to be an aid to the Internal Vice President, commissioners, interns, and students. I hope to help make UCI a more inclusive, accessible, and student-friendly campus.

Office Hours: Fall Quarter Tuesdays 2pm-3pm in the ASUCI Office

  1. Sustainability Project and Garden 

  2. Anteaters in Action 

  3. Food Security Commission

  4. Student Health and Wellness 

  5. Student Support and Advocacy 

  6. Vendor Fair 

  7. Recruitment and Retention

  8. Legal Clinic

  9. Commuter Success Commission 

  10. International Student Advocacy Officer

Internal Vice President:

Office Hours: Mondays 11am-12pm

Chiefs of Staff: