Commuter Success Commission

Hannah Pease

Commuter Success Commissioner


Hi there!! My name is Hannah, and I’m the Commuter Success Commissioner for the 2019-2020 school year. I’m a second year majoring in Psychological Science and Biological Science. This is my second year in ASUCI – last year I was part of Visions Leadership where I worked with a team to start an advocacy project called Zot Adopt. As a commuter myself, I’m so passionate about making an impact in the lives of my fellow commuters here at UCI. I’m beyond excited to see all that we can do this year! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any comments or questions!

Office Hours: Wednesdays 11am – 12pm in the ASUCI Office

Commission Description

The Commuter Success Commission focuses on supporting the activities and lives of the commuter population at UCI. UCI is often known for being a “commuter school,” but there lacks a true commuter community for those individuals on campus. Our focus this year will be on curating this space and serving this community of ever-moving students. With outreach projects (media, event-based) stemmed from our own unique imaginations and experiences, we will be able to make an impact on the issues that face the commuter community, together! 

Commission Goals 

– Understand and support commuters’ issues/needs on campus in an effort to promote student success

– Establish a strengthened community for commuters

– Work with transportation to encourage sustainable commuting

– Promote initiatives such as the Zot Adopt Program and the Commuter Ambassador Program and setting up a commuter lounge

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