Commuter Student Support Commission

Jena Herbst

Commuter Student Support Commissioner

Hi, I am Jena Herbst and I am the Commuter Student Support Commissioner for the 2020-2021 school year. I am a third year majoring in Biological Science. This will be my second year a part of ASUCI- last year I was a part of the Commuter Success Commission. I have been commuting to UCI for three years and being a part of the commission last year really excited me to continue to be a part of ASUCI as well as support commuter students. I am inspired for many things planned this year which I hope will be of great assistance to the commuter life at UCI.

Office Hours: Thursdays 10am-11am via Zoom ( )

Commission Description

The Commuter Student Support Commission works to help commuter students by sharing resources, holding events, and having a commuter lounge available to students. Our main focus is to create a close knit commuter community by holding events as well as supporting commuters in any way possible. Another main focus for this school year will be to curate and design a commuter lounge for students to provide a safe space for all commuters.

Commission GoalsĀ 

-Understand and support commuter needs or issues in order to be of assistance to students

-Curate and design a commuter lounge for students

-Strengthen the commuter community

-Promote initiatives such as Zot Adopt

-Work with transportation about commuter issues or needs

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