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Food Security Commission

Ernest Rankin
Ernest RankinFood Security Co-Commissioner

Food Security is a commission that falls under the Office of the Internal Vice President. The commission consists of a family of individuals who do not have a dream of ending hunger on our campus, but making it a reality. This year, the commission will be working on Zot Out Hunger and HHAW. Zot Out Hunger is a campaign looking to eradicate food insecurity on our campus. The campaign does this by asking students who are in a position to donate their extra guest swipes to be redistributed to students in need. It also reaches out to the community for donations to enable us to purchase access for students to get into the dining commons. HHAW is Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week which works towards getting the community together to understand the impact of food insecurity in our locality and how we can change it through thought provoking events and artistic portrayals.


Our vision is to engage the Anteater family in critical discussions about food insecurity as a social justice issue impacting students, families, and community members and to discuss and identify short and long term strategies to increase student food access and security.

About the Commissioner:

Hi y’all! My name is Ernest James Devin Otto Dimitri Rankin, but you can call me Devin! My preferred pronouns are he, him, and his. I was born and raised in Anaheim, California. I am going into my second year, and I am currently a Public Health Policy Major who is going to soon double into Education Sciences. I also plan to either minor in Anthropology and/or Business Management. Being an individual who has experienced the extreme sides of food insecurity first-hand has fueled my passion in my efforts in combatting against food insecurity. I truly can not wait to see our UCI family benefit from the Food Security Commission’s efforts this year.



Office Hours:

Ernest “Devin” Rankin: Tuesday 02:00 P.M – 03:00 P.M in the ASUCI Office