Sustainability Project  and Garden Commission

Joseph Kiet Nguyen

Sustainability Project and Garden Co-Commissioner

Hello! My name is Joseph and I will be one of the commissioners for Sustainability Project and Garden. I am a third year Environmental Science and Policy Major with a minor in Global Sustainability. I was previously an intern for SPC and am extremely excited to continue to make our campus as sustainable as can be. I look forward to diversifying the meaning of sustainability and making an eco-friendly lifestyle more accessible!

Office Hours: Tuesdays 1pm-2pm in ASUCI Office

Alex Lou

Sustainability Project and

Garden Co-Commissioner

Hi! My name is Alex Lou, one of the Sustainability Project and Garden Commissioners for 2019-2020. Specifically, I’ll be leading the Garden Committee.  I’m a 3rd year Biological Sciences major, with a keen interest in environmental conservation and ecology. Gardening for me has always been a chance for me to reconnect with nature and Earth. I love witnessing all the interacting parts within a garden ecosystem, from the fungi in the soil, to the pollinators in the air, to the plants themselves – it’s like a free theatre show right in front of you. For this upcoming year 2019-2020, lettuce grow not only plants, but also our love for the Earth and its inhabitants. There’s no thyme to waste!

(TBD) ASUCI Office

The Sustainability Project and Garden Commission focuses on raising advocacy and awareness surrounding sustainability-themed topics. The Commission will program and advocate for topics including environmental justice, waste management, recycling, reducing waste, energy efficiency, sustainable lifestyles, but are not solely limited to these. The mission of the commission is to increase the overall awareness about green initiatives on and off campus to work towards the school’s zero-waste and sustainability goals. It will inform students about ways that they can live a sustainable life and how to protect the community and environment around us.

For the Garden Committee, I am hoping to expand the garden on a community-wide level, where we as a team will learn from and engage with other members and groups of the UCI community, including but not limited to : FRESH Basic Needs Hub, Arroyo Vista Community Staff, Sustainability Resource Center, and possibly other gardens around UCI.

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