Garden Commission

Alexandra Singca

Garden Co-Commissioner

Hello! My name is Alexandra Singca and I am one of the Garden co-commissioners for the following 2018-2019 school year. I’m a third year history major and I’m actually graduating this year! I was the Garden commissioner last year and I’m pleased to be continuing to expand the Garden commission’s potential for the second year. In my spare time, I really like art especially art films!

Wednesday 02:00-03:00pm in the ASUCI Office

Nishat Jahan

Garden Co-Commissioner

Hi! I’m Nishat and I will be serving as one of the Garden Co-Commissioners for the 2017-2018 term. I’m a third year pharmaceutical science major with a minor in psychology and social behavior. Some of my hobbies are crocheting, cooking, painting, and of course, gardening! Growing up, my mom has always had a garden and so I always trailed behind her whenever she worked on it and ended up just loving plants! I love decorating and making things super aesthetic so I love planting succulents and other tiny plants into cute little pots. I was an intern for the Garden Commission last year and I hope to expand the commission this year and make the commission and the garden a very inclusive and welcoming space.

Thursday 01:00-02:00pm in the ASUCI Office

The Garden Commission focuses on maintaining the Arroyo Vista Garden and putting on garden-related and sustainable events throughout the year. Weekly tasks include attending commission meetings and working in the garden for 2 hours. We will put on one major event each quarter and a few smaller events as well; these events include gardening sessions and workshops, harvesting and cooking workshops, and plant giveaways!

Our vision is to create a beautiful garden for students to enjoy and spend their time in, whether it be actively gardening or just relaxing. We are planning to have wellness plots for students to use for therapeutic purposes to relieve the stresses of college life. There are also many fruits, vegetables, and herbs planted so that students can cook with fresh produce! We hope to make the garden a home for all students.

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