Legal Clinic Commission

Efren Velazco

Legal Clinic Commissioner

Hello everyone! My name is Efren Velazco, I am a Fourth year–Political Science Major, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I am so fortunate to be your 2019-2020 Legal Clinic Commissioner, and be part of this Clinic’s growth. Being involved with this Clinic is a way for me to give back to what the UCI community has created of me. I have developed and strengthened my passion to help allocate resources to underrepresented communities and advocate for the UCI community as a whole. From being a Saturday Academy of Law Teaching Assistant at UCI Law school, to being a Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP) Staffer, and a former Federal Legislative Affairs Intern for ASUCI. As an aspiring lawyer, I am developing the skills needed inside and outside the classroom to help me better serve everyone. I would like to make this a learning space for all and continue to find creative ways to bring legal resources on-campus. When I am not busy with school or work, I enjoy going to aesthetic coffee shops, taking photos with friends, going on foodie adventures, attending music festivals and visiting your local beach.

Office Hours: Mondays 4pm-5pm in the ASUCI Office

Commission Description:
This commission aims to connect campus communities to legal services, resources, and information to various underrepresented communities and provide informational sessions that apply to the legal field. With this they seek help from county services and community services in order to provide legal services to students and assists them in solving problems including but not limited to credit cards, landlord and security deposit issues, ticket citations, child support, small claims court, and other services. Along with legal services, the Commission will provide their interns and the UCI community with more opportunities on financial and tax workshops. As well as connecting them to mentors in the legal field to further develop their interest in the law.

Commission Goal:

– Pave the way for the establishment of legal resources and provide legal materials regarding topics that affect students

-Develop awareness and outreach events regarding legal issues and emphasize the importance of bringing accessible and affordable legal services to Anteaters campus wide

– Connect UCI Students to mentors in the Legal fieldĀ 

– Create a safe space for students to express their legal concerns

– Creating a website affiliated with the commission, to display legal resources and FAQ’s

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